Letter to The Editor

My name is Gwendolyn Hunt, and I’m 71 years old, a black female, and I’ve
been an engaged voter for over 30 years. I love my Democratic Party, but I
think that we are lacking in how we express ourselves to the minorities of
our party.

What are we doing to engage our Native American population in Kansas, our
Asian-American population in California, our Latino population in Texas?
What are we doing to engage the coal miners in Tennessee and Kentucky that
are worried about their jobs and getting addicted to drugs? What are we as
Democrats doing to engage the refugees from Cuba and Haiti and Venezuela
that are being snatched up and shipped around the country by Republicans?

These problems need to be addressed. Why isn’t President Biden saying
something to Rubio in Texas, to DeSantis in Florida, to McConnell in
Kentucky? I know he is only one man, but President Biden has cabinet
members who can act as surrogates. It takes voices and bodies going to
these states and being firm and outspoken to put the truth over lies.

I’m not seeing this happen and I’m pissed off. If I don’t see something
useful from elected Democrats before the end of the year, I’m not sure I’m
going to make a donation. They can’t assume that black voters are going to
get them over the finish line like we did in 2020; they need to start
showing that they really care instead of just assuming.

I’m upset and I’m tired of old white Republicans trying to take control of
the country. They claim they are more religious than Democrats – could have
fooled me. The Republicans have sold their souls to the NRA and any of the
lobbyists that they get money from is gonna stop them from doing anything
reasonable. They just turn their heads, open up their pockets, get all that
money in their bank accounts.

What are we going to do about guns? I have never seen so much violence in
my 71 years of life than I have seen in the last decade. And nobody doesn’t
want to do anything about it.  Are background checks really gonna save a
life? Maybe not. Is red flag laws gonna save that many lives? Maybe not.
But what are we DOING? Doing nothing doesn’t help all the people who have
died because of gun violence. We absolutely need to stop all these mass
shootings that we’re having.

Does anybody care? Congress, do you care? Does the killing have to be right
at your back door for you to do anything? I don’t understand. Do you have
hearts? Do you even care?

There is too much passivity. One thing I know is if you want something to
get done, you’ve got to get fired up!

Gwendolyn Hunt