2023 Neighborhood Uplift Safety & Beautification Micro-Grant Guidelines

Neighborhood Uplift supports projects, programs, events, and other approaches that address safety, blight reduction, greening, and beautification efforts in Toledo’s Uptown, Junction, and Englewood neighborhoods.

Successful applications will address a specific need or area concern that contributes to increased perceptions of safety, reduce opportunities for crime, and contribute to enhancing the look, feel, and experience of the neighborhood. Residents’ driven projects are preferred, however, neighborhood partners, stakeholders, and others leading projects are welcome to apply, so long as the project takes place within the neighborhood borders as depicted below and has a clear benefit to the Uptown neighborhood.

Projects that include an artistic or creative element are encouraged. We are currently supporting inclusive and impactful projects that will take place in Uptown, Junction, and/or Englewood before the close of 2023. Current granting levels range from $1,000-$6,000. Larger levels, up to $10,000, may be considered but require additional planning and reporting requirements.

Please note: Individual Applications will be liable for tax consequences if they receive a check payable to them over $600 (or receive more than $600 in total payments from ProMedica Health Systems within a calendar year). Applicants are welcome to connect with ProMedica’s Financial Wellness Network at The Ebeid Center to assist in managing tax liability or other financial management needs.

Please note that submission of the application does not guarantee approval of funding for your project. All funding for Neighborhood Uplift Microgrants is provided by the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Health Improvement Zone.

If you have questions about the grant application or seek assistance, please contact: Holly Ball Senior Manager, Ebeid Neighborhood Promise ProMedica Social Determinants of Health Institute 1806 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor Toledo, OH 43604 (o) 567-585-0755 holly.ball@promedica.org