Get Ready … Here Comes Goliath!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

Now that Herr Trump has finally been indicted by special prosecutor Jack Smith, the first round of the Hounds of Hell has been released!

It is as if someone threw a pail of ice-cold water on an unsuspecting sleeping alley cat and the now-drenched cat is ready to rumble!

Jack Smith threw the water on the cat and the cat is spewing nonstop Truth Social media tweets faster than the flying fingers of Art Tatum on a piano!

To say what is obvious, “It’s On!”

The Carrie Lakes who, with blissful ignorance occupy the Trump info bubble, are even threatening violence by 75 million Americans who, with their guns, are ready to take to the streets to avenge the honor of their Darth Vader, Donald Trump.

The far-right GOP MAGA base is frothing with white hot rage, feigned or otherwise, that the DOJ will put on trial, their god-man, Donald Trump.

It matters not to them that the 49-page indictment is a fact-laden document dripping with texts, admissions, documents and recorded statements that starkly show that Herr Trump did conceal and attempt to hide highly sensitive classified documents.

For the morally compromised GOP, facts and truth are transactional and are of no import if those facts work against their agenda of power at all costs.

Depending upon what news station you checked into, you would think that what Trump is accused of doing was akin to writing chalk on the sidewalk and not cleaning it up after you have played three games of hopscotch.

The current crisis in America is that truth is deemed negotiable and foundational lines or boundary lines can be moved at will to suit the whims of the person in power…and his rabid base.

In the Bible, when Jesus was in discourse with Pilate, the conversation got to the point that a frustrated emperor blurted out, “What is Truth” when the personification of Truth was standing in his presence.

For the feckless followers of Trump and the sorely compromised GOP, truth is only a currency of value and allegiance when that truth supports your concocted “truisms.”

Always be conscious of the blatant fact that Donald Trump did not cause this erosion of basic foundational truths in America, he simply, by his vile conduct, gave permission to millions of agitated and bitter people that it is permissible to vent their demons against those they believe are causing them such angst.

By his words and lifestyle and constant litany of lies and deceits and half-truths, Trump simply open the fabled Pandora’s Box and said in so many words to the venial captives in the Box, “It is now safe to come out and play!”

Restraint, decency, modesty, courtesy, compromise and largesse, one to another, all have been ridiculed and debased and now the conduct of aggression, confrontation, abuse, lies and ill-will are the working standards of the political day.

When you speak of an avatar or representative symbol of all that has gone haywire in the past seven years, the image that should appear is that of a ranting Herr Trump seeking revenge against all enemies, real and imagined.

Politicos and people of good will who have access to the national stage and can commandeer a microphone that can reach millions, have for the most part, failed in communicating that the deviances brought on by Herr Trump should not be the sought for norm but rather, they need to be repeatedly and soundly rebuked.

If America was looking towards its “religious” leaders for sustenance at this critical time of moralizing about what is right and what is wrong, those leaders have miserably failed because too many of them are morally compromised by they being sycophants to Herr Trump.

There are simply not enough Davids slinging righteous stones at this man made political Goliath. A Goliath who has a seemingly insatiable appetite to corrode and corrupt the national body politic.

Jack Smith, the special prosecutor, appointed by the attorney general has “slung” his 37 stones (number of federal indictments) at Goliath and now, the whole country is in watch mode to see if the stones hit their intended mark.

I perceive that the dangerous crossroads America is at, is not rallying the collective internal fortitude to resist the present evil of allowing lies to defeat truth or to simply wilt under the pressure to conform to a society that will resemble more and more the famous George Orwell novel, 1984.

My advice? Don’t let Goliath intimidate you!


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