Silver Anniversary Jubilee Honors Local Pastor

Robert Birt, First Lady Birt, Grandsons Kendrale and Zephan, granddaughter Kamarya and daughter Octavia

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Glass City Church of Christ congregation honored Pastor Robert Birt, DMin, and First Lady Winda Birt with a 25th silver anniversary jubilee celebration weekend. Festivities began on Friday, May 5 as guests and honorees gathered to enjoy food, fun, fellowship and games at Ward Pavilion at Wildwood Metropark.

The festivities continued on Saturday with a concert at Bowsher High School, and concluded Sunday with a spirit-filled praise and worship service at Bowsher.

“I thank God for choosing me, my wife and my family for this endeavor. I am grateful for my wife and my family for their support. I thank Glass City Church of Christ for accepting me 25 years ago, I was from New Orleans and had never heard of the church of even Toledo,” shared Pastor Birt.

Saturday’s concert incorporated moments of appreciation and gratitude for Pastor and First Lady Birt, and various soulful selections. Alvin and Cynthia Sims of Detroit served as the program facilitators and asked the audience to rise to receive the Birt family. A warm welcome was presented by The Birt’s Anniversary Celebration Team from Glass City and a prayer of thanksgiving was spoken by Minister Jerry Macon and First Lady Macon of Louisville, Kentucky.

Welcome from The Birt Anniversary Celebration Team

“We’re here to celebrate a wonderful time tonight. Let’s celebrate and usher in the spirit,” shared Alvin Sims

Selections were presented by United Acappella Chorus of Glass City, MWCC Praise Team which included Terri Jackson from Dallas, Texas and Michele Glass from Winter Haven, Florida, and also David Calhoun & Journey from Detroit. Special recognition was presented by Vanessa Lynn of Glass City on behalf of Toledo City Council members Vanice Williams, Cerssandra McPherson and Matt Cherry. Terrie Miller of Glass City presented a memory book and Robert and Lorraine Cannon presented the benches.

Kaliah Barringer of Glass City offered a spoken word, Matt and Ginger Brooks of Glass City presented a faithful journey, Nicole Williams of Glass City gave a tribute from Children’s Worship, video presentations of gratitude were shared from Shelly Ulrich of Glass City and Marva Jones from Glass City. Words of encouragement and tributes were presented by Michele Williams, Pastor Cedrick Brock of Mt Nebo, Minister Kevin Syph, Rev. James H Willis, the pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Otis Gordon, the pastor of Warren AME Church, Robert and First Lady Karen Brewington, future Elders of Glass City, future Deacons of Glass City, present Deacons of Glass City.

Glass City United a cappella chorus

The celebration also included The Birt’s family special presentation to First Lady Birt and Pastor Birt. Joyce Henderson introduced the guest speaker, Dorothy Dye, DMin, of Valdosta, Geogia. Closing song performed by Dominic Lemon of Harvey, IL and closing prayer by Minister James & Ivy Kent.

The 25th anniversary planning committee included: Terrie Miller, Joyce Henderson, Eddie Hall, Ginger Brooks, Gary Burks, Lynn Burks, Mikita Bush, Lorraine Cannon, Robert Cannon, Leslye Colbert, Joy Gregory, Dorothy Hill, Nadeline Jones, Charles Jones, Lisa Lonas, Tony Lonas, Vanessa Lynn, Donald Lynn, Pat Lyons, Nicole Williams and Cheryl Wilson.

“We started working on this in September of last year. Dr. Birt and First Lady Birt have been such a blessing to us,” shared Terrie Miller during the welcome address from the committee.

Birt Family receiving prayer by Dorothy Dye, DMin, of Glass City.

“I want to thank Terrie Miller and her committee for their hard work. I appreciate it, and I know my wife and my family appreciate all of the love that we have received. We need to all remember to never look down on a man unless you’re helping him up,” shared Pastor Birt.

The Silver Anniversary weekend was organized to show gratitude and love to Pastor Birt and First Lady Birt for 25 years of service and leadership. The church is located at 901 Hoag Street in Toledo.