Taylor Automotive Hosts Unruly Arts Studio and Guests

By Angie Hayes
The Truth Reporter

The Taylor Automotive Group hosted the third annual Taylor Community Connection with Unruly Arts on Thursday, April 27 at the Group’s Perrysburg Hyundai location and visitors were treated to dozens of pieces of art by the Unruly Arts members – all of which were available for sale.

Taylor Automotive Group organized and set up a welcoming experience for the annual event: food, drinks, music and opportunities for communication and entertainment was provided to the attendees.

Lori Schoen and Joan Browne Kose run Unruly Arts, a “nurturing, inclusive and joyful environment that supports the artistic vision and needs of people with disabilities,” notes the organization’s website

However, while the studio’s artists are developmentally disabled, the work done there is inclusive, notes Kose. “We are an inclusive studio and provide that atmosphere. That’s the heart of what we do.”

What Unruly Arts also does is to take many objects that might be headed to the recycle bin and turn them into the objects that might decorate a home or office.

“We don’t necessarily follow the rules,” said Schoen. “We are in the community and embrace the community.”

Taylor’s Terry Crosby, Tom Cole and Nick Marconi – back row – with Unruly Arts Lori Schoen and Joan Browne Kose

Part of the reason for such a cautiously economic approach to utilizing materials is that the studio “started on a shoestring,” said Schoen. “And our artists don’t care. People are willing to embrace the process.”

“Art brings me joy,” confirmed artist Matthew Dickendasher.

“Joan and Lori make it happen,” said Tom Cole, Taylor community outreach coordinator. “Steve Taylor, his willingness to give back in the community every day and the Unruly Artists do a great job. And it’s great to have them here at Taylor Automotive.”

“Unruly Arts is such a blessing in [my son] Kevin’s life and all the artists life,” said Janet Platec. “The Taylor family is so supportive. Steve; Steve, Jr., and all of them.”

The goal of the evening was to sell the artwork – half of the proceeds going to the artists and the other half going to the studio for the purchase of materials to continue the mission.

The final portion of the evening was an auction, conducted by Steve Taylor, Jr., to provide those interested in obtaining more of the Unruly Arts Studio artists’ works.

“I just think the impact what we, Taylor Automotive Family, are having in the community with our visibility has built an awareness around the annual Unruly Arts event and it grows bigger and bigger each year,” said Terry Crosby, Taylor community ambassador.