Family and Friends Gather to Celebrate a Memorable Birthday

Theo with his sister Percilla, who is also celebrating a birthday

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Family members and friends gathered at Club Evolution on Reynolds Rd to celebrate Theodis Shelmon’s 70th birthday.

Theo decided to organize a party to celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday, April 22. While finalizing the plans, he was able to recruit people to help organize the party. He also decided it was important to include his sister, Percilla, in the birthday festivities, and reached out for media coverage.

“God has allowed me to be here for 70 years so far and I decided to throw myself a birthday party. You only turn 70 once and it was time to do something for myself. I appreciate everyone who helped put this together. I also wanted to document the party, so I called Fletcher. I saw how the anniversary event in October was and saw how Fletcher Word was always in the community. My sister turns 71 on Tuesday. I love my sister, we always do things together,” explained Shelmon.

Theo with wife, Terri

Shelmon also reflected on his life and how individuals impacted decisions that he made. Including his mother, Lucille; his wife, Terri; his children and grandchildren, Bishop Robert Culp, DMin, the former pastor of First Church of God, and Bishop Michael Pitts, the pastor of Cornerstone Church.

“I realized at an early age that everything that you do in life affects other people in your life. I wanted to set an example for my kids and grandkids. I want to thank my mom, Lucille Shelmon, who’s 91 years old and still with us. I love my mother. She had 10 children and gave so much to us,” shared Theo.

“Bishop Culp started pouring into me while I was a member there for 10 years in the 1980s, then I eventually went over to Cornerstone Church, where Bishop Pitts influenced my life. I received so much teaching from these two bishops,” said Theo.

Guests enjoyed a festive atmosphere that included live music, a DJ, buffet-style food and good times. Intuition and Lady K kept the crowd moving with soulful renditions, while DJ Money Mone played several classic and current music that the sophisticated crowd enjoyed.

The night continued with personal tributes from his family and friends, Lady K and even Touch A Dream which is run by his wife Terri. Touch A Dream presented a five-minute performance that mixed together various forms of dance and music selections and received a standing ovation.

In addition to celebrating Theo which was on April 19, the family also celebrated Theo’s sister’s 71st birthday, Percilla, which is on April 25.

Theo with his family wife, children and grandchildren