GOP Turns to Heathenism

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

If you were to place a heathen Asherah Pole in the midst of White evangelicals or ask them to bend a knee to the ancient heathen god Molech, they would bow to the moon and curse you ad infinitum.

If you were to ask them to affirm acts of debauchery committed by politicos, they would self-righteously gather their petticoats around them and bemoan the loss of good ol’ fashioned American ‘values.’

If you were to ask them to denounce the first command of the Ten Commandments, they would rather gladly cut themselves with rusty and jagged razor blades and drink foamy green swamp water.

But yet, in their alternative universe where up is down and down is up, they are committing, in theory, the same grievous sins by their mystical adulation of Donald Trump as their “new” savior.

To them and for them, Donald Trump has morphed into a Jesus that they can see, touch and feel and that alone is the reason for their hysterical and hot fevered support for a man whose conduct and speech is the antithesis of all things Christ.

Recently, after his indictment on 34 felony counts by the Black Manhattan DA, Trump’s supporters doing the past Holy Week are beginning to ‘upsize’ Trump to the equivalency of Trump being part of the holy pantheon of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Now, the trinity, according to many of these mesmerized devotees, must make room for    the entry of Donald Trump.

Certain stars of the far right MAGA religious movement are praying that Trump be restored to power and influence so they can coalesce about a movement to make America a theocracy and in their own image.

Heady stuff, right?

To do so, you simply must convince them they are now the new persecuted group in America and Trump has been appointed and anointed by God to slay the new anti-god secular government that those pesky Democrats are ushering in.

It appears that truth has left the arena and what is truth is now up for grabs as to who can best articulate a line of thought that shows that White evangelicals are the new sacrifices in the Roman arena where tigers (Democrats, leftists, socialists, Deep State, Hunter Biden’s laptop, liberal arts, gays and ________________ (fill in the blank) are threatening their way of life.

The coarsening of American discourse and the widening maw between the two national political parties is reaching fever pitch with no foreseeable end in sight.

However, this is the salient point. The GOP has the god edge over the soulless Democrats!

The GOP can now claim in their bevy of mind-altering tricks that Trump is semi divine and as such, any opposition against him is nigh opposition against God himself.

Talking about having an inside royal flush! Who can beat that hand?

What to expect? Soon, you will hear more pronounced proclamations from the religiously warped far right evangelical stooges for the Trump that their cause is righteous and pure and holy and it is only a matter of time before Trump is cleared and restored back to his reign and rule as Heir Trump!

On another subject, are you catching the flak that United States Supreme Court Jurist

Clarence (Uncle Tom) Thomas is catching for his now-disclosed track record of hiding the full financial extent of the rich donations of perks and goodies that the GOP mega donor Harlow Crow has enriched the lives of Thomas and his Q Anon leaning wife, Gini?

The report in ProPublica has the media ablaze with the revelations that Clarence Thomas, despite his image of being just a common guy, has received, over the decades, gifts that total in excess of a million dollars!

Anyone for corruption of a Supreme Court justice? Of course, Clarence was quiet about the fabulous gifts and luxury trips because, being a lawyer, he knew that he was duty bound to report the gifts and to possibly declare them on his IRS filings. He did neither.

Now, Clarence Thomas is in serious damage control mode because it gives the appearance that he is a judge in the hip pocket of this billionaire who has had many, many cases of interest before the Supreme Court and on which Thomas voted.

There are calls for his impeachment but with Jim Jordan now heading the House Judiciary Committee, such calls, although appealing, will not materialize. And as for any meaningful response from the Chief Justice of the court, John Roberts, let’s just say, he will simply wince and smile and click his heels hoping that this will all go away back to Kansas.


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