Why Dr. King Would Not Be Happy On His Day

By Dr. Marjorie Holt

January 16, 2023

  • He would not be able to recognize progress that he worked so hard for and to look at the missteps that have set AA back and not forward would be demoralizing to him, IJS
  • He would not respond to the violence with means and measures that are ineffective because people do not prepare and plan for strategies that will work with preventive approaches and futuristic methods. that the engagement being seen appears to only lead to documented dismay, apathy, and failure (#Violence Stats)
  • He would ask “what do you seek to do to a people who have contributed to a society that has only benefitted from their gifts, talents, and resources and equity is absent from their daily existence”? i.e. NBA, NFL, NCAA, Reality shows, etc.
  • He would remind America of the promises that have been made but not kept regarding Freedom for his people who are obviously still judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. i.e. police brutality at an all time high
  • He would ask what happened to the Republican Party who seeks to be committed to an individual and not the people who elected them
  • He would ask the Democrats: do you not understand that Leadership Matters and you are minimizing your responsibility by the division that separates you, not unify you. That your time in office was for differences to make a difference in the quality of lives for the people who entrusted that you would make a difference in their quality of life; Suit up and gain steps that will take you to the right place and not just a place. Time is not on your side
  • He would seek to engage all people in a movement that solidifies equality and not one that seeks to take it away, especially as it relates to people of color, the voting rights act, and those programs that are and have been directly impactful in marginalized and at-risk communities, especially the Black and Brown people of this nation
  • He would not be excited about the change in moral behaviors that seem to occupy the minds of the YOUNG, GIFTED, AND BLACK, those who have been encapsulated with contracts that make their bank accounts hefty but snatches their integrity