Urban Wholistics Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sonia Flunder-McNair (center) thanks supporters

The Truth Staff

The Urban Wholistics staff and board had much to celebrate on Wednesday, February 15, above all, the competition of an agreement with the Lucas County Land Bank for the tranfer of land to the organization and the permanent placement of the organization’s service building.

“The Land Bank expedited the paperwork so we could have a deal,” said Sonia Flunder-McNair at the stat of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. She noted that had the paperwork not been expedited, the transfer would have taken another five years.

Prior to the ribbon cutting, the staff and board recognized key institutions that have helped the organization reach their goals through grants, in-kind serices and volunteerism.

“We are thankful for the support Urban Wholistics has received since we started this journey,” said Flunder-McNair. “With all that we have accomplished, it is hard to believe that we are only three and a half years old. From the completion of our wholistic community green space. Tatum Park to our lot expansion down Woodland Avenue that includes what we have now officially named Urban Wholistics’ Farm and Junction Fruit Orchard to the market stands, hoop house and service shed whose foundation we are standing on. We would not have been able to build this and provide community programming without the support of the Lucas County Land Bank, City of Toledo, Toledo Community Foundation and ProMedica.”

The three and a half years have enabled Urban Wholistics to begin proving programming for youth, to start producing products – fruits and vegetables for entities such as TolHouse and the Toledo Museum of Art, to introduce programming at the Toledo Correctional Facility, to list a few.

Urban Wholistics operates out of a community green space called Tatum Park located at 1209 City Park Ave. Toledo, OH. The park covers multiple lots and is open to the public from sunrise to sunset for visiting, learning and shopping the market.

On the grounds visitors will find a variety of organically grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants.

Now Urban Wholistics has taken ownership of 1.13 acres on the City Park location and is developing plans to bring further improvement to the neighborhood. “We are not here to take land, we are here to help neighbors become landowners as well,” said Flunder-McNair.

Then the staff and board cut the ribbons for two projects – a fruit orchard and a farm.

“Urban Wholistics is growing and expanding,” said Flunder-McNair. “We are working to help pave the way for urban farms in our community. The direction we are moving in will continue to nurture our community by bringing people together in a healing, safe environment and connect with the land.”