Ruth Cowell Celebrates Her 100th

The Truth Staff

Surrounded by dozens of family members and friends, Ruth Cowell celebrated her 100th birthday last weekend at the Policemen’s Hall on Franklin Street.

Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on January 24, 1923, Ruth Cowell is the mother of four: George Cowell, Reginald Cowell, Otis Walton (who is ill and could not attend the celebration) and Mildred Cowell (deceased).

The hall was filled with grandchildren and great grandchildren to honor a woman who has spent so much time with her family, even when she ran her own business – Georgia Grill at 444 Indiana Avenue which closed in 1978.

Gifts abounded, Karen “Lady K” Harris opened the afternoon’s festivities by serenading the birthday girl and her guests, and all enjoyed a buffet dinner to cap off the activities.

Ruth Cowell was also attended by her pastor, Rev. Curley Johnson of St. Mark’s Missionary Baptist Church.