OP-ED: The Blade Editorial Not Right

Councilman John Hobbs

Professor Emeritus Earl Murry, Ph.D.
Guest Editorial

On January 4, 2023, The Toledo Blade Editorial Board published “Editorial: Hobbs choice not right.”

Respectfully, I disagree with the editorial board’s opinion and their admittedly “trifling” justifications for their opposition to the Honorable Johnny Hobbs appointment to City Council. The editorial stated: “The Office of Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer reported on July 21, 2021, a former head coach for E.L. Bowsher High School girls’ basketball team used time he was on the clock as a State Barber Inspector and his state vehicle for coaching duties and personal dental appointments costing the state about $600.00.”

Should Mr. Hobbs have driven his state vehicle back to work or his home and taken his personal vehicle to each occasion This is like complaining that someone stopped at the grocery store (a personal endeavor) on the way home from work.

The Blade wholly ignores that “coaching” is a positive contributing factor to learning and sustaining good morals, good fellowshipping, and a significant hallmark of excellence to good overall behavior. And coaching usually is performed “free” to benefit children and young adults.

The Blade wholly ignores that the competing jobs – State Inspector and City Council member – are both services in the public interest. In other words, all three of Mr. Hobbs “jobs” are for the benefit of others – children and citizens of Toledo and the State of Ohio, jobs he has accomplished without any mention by the “editorial board” of complaint about his job performance.

Undoubtedly, at various times uniform officers, city, county, and state employees have been seen picking up dry cleaning clothes, shopping at grocery stores, parked at basketball and football games watching players. How much did those workers cost their employer at places not reported and published in a newspaper?

Just because one is a public servant that used a vehicle for the efficient use of time, for what good reason now should he be judged as an “abusive” worker. The Honorable Hobbs was hardly moonlighting as stated by the editorial. Doing paperwork at Bowsher was a safe place.

Police officers are seen in alleys, parks, behind buildings, etc. and possibly doing or not doing paperwork. Are they moonlighting? At what point does “trifling” become “abusive.” Or is that line crossed only when the “editorial board” for unspoken reasons of its own opposes a member or the African American community?

Yes, the Honorable Hobbs was appointed to Toledo City Council. Obviously, he was selected because he had been thoroughly investigated and determined to have honorable character and was considered a suitable candidate to be placed onto City Council. Even in his brief time on City Council he has proven his selection was merited and in the best interests of the Citizens of Toledo.

As stated in the editorial “these are trifling accounts cited by the Ohio Inspector General, but rules are rules.” The accounts are trifling and as such it did not need to be reported in an editorial – especially when not warranted by present circumstances. The editorial news reporting suggests other reasons it was editorialized.

There are unknown reasons afoot not reported. Could it be that the Honorable Hobbs is African American? Could it be that he is working hard to be a good council member for the city and is unappreciated by the present city administration? Could it be that the editorial is supporting and bidding for the present city administration to reduce African Americans on City Council? Could it be that he is not a sycophant? Could it be that the city administration and its departments are racist and toxic against African Americans.

C’mon editorial board members, you should give The Blade readers a clean-hand editorial opinion. A person with common sense knows the January 4, 2023, editorial release does not reveal the true or factual reasons afoot underlying your negative editorial “opinion.”