Dear Toledoans,

During the past few years, hundreds of Toledo area families have lost loved ones to the random acts of violence on Toledo streets and Toledo neighborhoods

Within days of those acts of violence, the good people of Toledo have moved on with their lives, yet the families who have lost their son or daughter have an empty seat at their dinner table.

On Wednesday, January 18 at 4 PM, the Coalition for Peaceful Toledo Neighborhoods is hosting a memorial service, followed by a warm meal for the families who have experienced such a loss.

Please join us at St. George Antiochian Cathedral, 3754 Woodley Rd in west Toledo. We will convey our caring and love to our fellow Toledo families.

Please join us at 5 PM on January 18. There are hurts and holes in hundreds of Toledo families that can be filled by our outreach and love.


Your fellow Toledoans and fellow mayors:

Carty Finkbeiner, Donna Owens, Michael Bell and Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson