Mary Louise Elegant Creations

Special to The Truth

It’s our favorite time of the year again!

Christmas time … from my grandchildren and me. The cakes, pies and cobblers will be baking in our homes and our homes will be filled with Christmas decorations, along with the scents of yummy foods throughout.

Reading Christmas stories is something we enjoy doing at Christmas time. We’ll also enjoy making cookies for Santa Claus, wrapping our gifts for Mom and Dad and singing Christmas Carols – it’s our family tradition.

Kendal and Tre love to color in their giant Christmas coloring books with the Christmas Grinch song playing in the background.

We will place the cookies we baked for our Christmas visitor by the fireplace with a warm glass of milk for Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

These memories remind me of my own childhood – it was full of fun and festivities, things like the Christmas parade with my father and all of my sisters. Cooking, singing and so many memories that have lasted my entire life.

My family – baby Isaiah, Kendall Girl and Tre – want to wish everyone a wonderful and a Merry Christmas and an outstanding New Year from our family to yours!!