Toledo-born Entertainer Hosts Turkey Give-A-Way

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Andre Parr, also known as Dre. P, generously donated an estimated 100 free turkeys on Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Dre. P has organized this turkey give-a-way for the past eight years in Toledo at various locations. Previous locations include: Rosa Parks Elementary and Monroe Carryout, to name just a few.

“We started out by selecting locations by referral eight years ago, from Rosa Parks school to in the middle of the neighborhood at Monroe Carryout. My Godfather, Vincent Riccardi has always worked with kids and given me guidance over the years, which led us to the Believe Center this year,” said Dre. P.

Another inspiration for turkey give-a-away was a fellow Atlanta hip-hop artist and friend, Bankroll Fresh, who organized a similar donation called Banksgiving before his unfortunate murder in 2016.

“Bankroll Fresh did Thanksgiving every year, he truly impacted the hip-hop community and motivated me. My company, my brand and my website remind people that I haven’t forgotten where I am from and I always want to give back to my hometown,” shared Dre. P.

A team of self-described gobbler grabbers, led by Dre. P, worked for two days straight to purchase the turkeys for Saturday’s give-a-way. Due to purchasing limitations, the team traveled to over five different Greater Toledo area markets and supermarkets to purchase enough turkeys.

“Every year we connect with more and more families and at times people don’t realize how much poverty still exists. I remember during the Monroe Carryout give-a-way, I was really inspired to continue donating each year. Cars were almost ready to hit each other in order to reach the turkeys, people sat for an hour and a half while waiting in the snow and rain just to get a turkey, and even a few people had tears in their eyes,” he said.

Dre. P was born and raised in Toledo and is a Central Catholic High School 2003 Hall of Fame alumnus. Dre. P, also known as Andre Parr, currently resides in Atlanta where he runs an online clothing line and music entertainment company,

The event was sponsored in part by Dre. P’s two companies Fly Guy Entertainment Co. and Mud City clothing brand, along with his childhood best friends Danny Riccardi and Dwaun Hicks of Build-a-Body Fitness and Broke Boy Society.

“I first want to thank my parents, Daryle Parr and Karen Everage, step-dad Michael Ashford, and godfather, Vincent Riccardi. Secondly, the gobbler grabbers, Danny Riccardi, Dwaun Hicks, Mackenzie Haitch, Toka Fly and Jonnice Riccardi. Lastly, I want to thank my city, Toledo, who made me who I am. A star,” shared Dre. P.

In addition to the donation, he also shared words of motivation to the boys at MLK Academy during his Toledo visit.