Bethesda Christian Center Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Bishop Marjorie Holt

By Annette Wright
The Truth Contributor

Bishop Marjorie Holt is one very special and amazing human being.  Imagine achieving a milestone of 25 years of exemplary humanitarian and civic service.  She’s actually been at it for well over 25 years.  But, again, just imagine that…25 years of your life serving the needs of others.  Anyone would be and should be humbled in her presence.

Because Bishop Holt is a natural born humanitarian and selfless servant of God, she decided to celebrate her 25-year anniversary as the Founding Senior Servant of Bethesda Christian Center by recognizing and formally acknowledging others that she deemed worthy of the title “Champion of Change.”

It was a perfectly lovely evening for this black-tie affair, held at GESU’s Sullivan Center which was lavishly decorated only to be outdone by the glamorous attire of the attendees.  When Bishop Holt designated the evening as “Black-Tie” that is precisely what she meant.

Confirming that point was none other than our Mayor, Wade Kapszukiesicz, who shared with everyone his internal musings as he was enroute to the event wearing well…what he always wears.  “Surely, everyone won’t be in Black-Tie,” he thought.  Until he walked in and saw what could have easily been dubbed a fashion show.  Tuxedos and black ties were all the eyes could see.

Bishop Lawrence Hancock of Detroit, MI was the master of ceremony for the evening.  Without missing a beat, Hancock handled the few minor last-minute changes to the program like the professional that he is.  The event was nearly over-booked, such was the enthusiasm and excitement of those wanting to be a part of this very special occasion.

One of our country’s most prolific civil rights icon and internationally acclaimed Baptist preacher, Otis Moss, Jr., DMin, arrived just prior to Bishop Robert Culp, Pastor Emeritus, First Church of God in Christ, who blessed the food and officially kicked-off the celebration.

Bishop Holt, called each honoree forward, which included The Truth’s own Fletcher Word (who I had the great honor of representing) and presented each one with a lovely, engraved plaque.  Some specially recognized honorees received a golden medallion and a trophy, which was quite a surprise for many of them, including Mayor Kapszukiewicz.

Bishop Holt and Honorees

The room was filled with fellowship and friendship on all sides.  The atmosphere felt like a spiritual convention as Bishop Holt graciously mingled with every guest while simultaneously managing the program events.  (She really is amazing like that).

Following dinner everyone was treated to an unforgettable musical performance by Nikki D & The Sisters of Thunder!  These sisters “brought the house down” with a rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” and “There’s been a change in me” which were thoughtfully appropriate for the theme of the evening.

Both our Mayor Kapszukiewicz and Keynote Speaker Moss, Jr. seemed to particularly enjoy the latter song as they clapped their hands and patted their feet to the spiritual and powerful sounds the music.

The highly anticipated time arrived in the program to hear from Moss, Jr.  Moss, Jr.’s biography is so amazing and so remarkable there is no way to include it all in this article.  I advise everyone to search his name on the Internet and then talk to people who really know him, like Bishop Holt.  He and Bishop Marjorie Holt are in a place of reverence that makes one feel special just to be in their presence.

Moss’ brief but mighty message was entitled “The Challenge of Answered Prayer.”  He shared his personal stories of tragedy when he lost both parents at an early age and his struggles during his early years at Morehouse College in Atlanta.  He told us to read Chapter 12 of (the) Acts of the Apostles for an even deeper revelation of his message.

Everyone was silent as he began to speak.  You just knew you were in for a spiritual blessing.  And blessed indeed we were.  The hostesses, the servers, the police officers and even the children held on to his every word.

“Sometimes the answer to your prayer is right in the room with you!” Moss said.

Looking around the room at all the people in attendance, I knew truer words were never spoken. Because Marjorie Holt was in the room.  And I know she certainly represents answered prayer.

The 25th anniversary Champion for Change honorees were: Deborah Barnett, Bishop-elect Jerry Boose, Wilma Brown, Tina Butts, Suzette Cowell, Janice Edwards, Olivia Holden, Wendi Huntley, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Judge Nicole Khoury, Bishop Robert Lyons, Doni Miller, Tracee Perryman, PhD, Robin Reese, Montrice Terry, Blandine Walls, DMin, and Fletcher Word.

Wilma Brown also received the Community Legend Award; Otis Moss, the Civil Rights Icon Award, Mayor Kapszukiewicz, the Medal as a Champion for Change and those surprised with awards were Delano Dancy, Bishop Brehon Hall, Pastor Terri Sutton and Doris Greer.