My Rap poem to Kanye West (Ye)…

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column


Kanye West, now known as Ye

Is showing how dumb he can be


Declaring war on Jews and just showing out

Ye is telling everyone that he is just a cartoon cutout


With not enough sense to make two nickels equal a dime

Ye talks and squawks on things that no none should give him any time


Kanye knows he needs to take a brain rest

But dem spirits in him shows that he is not at his best


So Ye, for the sake of all and that includes you too

Lay off the hate because what goes around will come on you


Ye, with all his rantings and ravings is no friend to me

But, until he comes out of his mental cave-in, he will never be free.



I know…I know. No one in their wildest imagination could believe that I was a monster Rapper from back in da’ day. My Rap name was Dark Bright.

But the sheer volume of gibberish and nonsense from Kanye West reluctantly forced me out of retirement and I felt compelled to do this Rap. Let’s face it people. Kanye (Ye) is not a well person. In my humble opinion, when you look into his eyes and the eyes are known as the “mirror” of one’s soul, Ye is troubled. Very troubled. Ye needs intense mental intervention to prevent any further degradation of his facilities.

In my humble opinion, Ye also needs some positive image reinforcements for himself since his value of himself is very low, he lashes out at everyone else because he has an inner vacuum that has yet to be filled with agape love.

The short game: You cannot love others if you cannot love yourself first.

His arrogance of being an important person whose opinions hold great weight or validity is indicative of a person seeking validation and affirmation.

I am encouraged that many of his fat-cat sponsors gave him the heave ho when he crossed the line and starting a line of inflammatory comments about going “Def con 3” on Jewish people.

For those not familiar with such lingo as Def Con3, that is tantamount to a high level of aggression and accompanying violence for those who have been targeted as such.

Ye tries to rile up public discourse by initiating issues or controversial visuals that will get media attention and that of course, places Ye in the spotlight that he, like Trump, craves as a fish desires water.

The buffoonish wearing of clothing that states, “White Lives Matter” is another manifestation of Ye’s insatiable desire to be hip and cool but sadly without any investment of context or appropriateness of his wild emotional swings.

As you may have seen, fringe Neo-Nazi elements have made Ye their Black poster boy as a ramrod to hurl their invectives at Jewish people. For them, Ye is simply a convenient tool and nothing else because the Nazi’s have total disdain for people of color.  And yet, Ye is said to admire Adolph Hitler! Go figure.

You would think Ye or his accomplice, Candace Owens, would be able to discern that, but both Candace and Ye walked hand in hand with that obscene phrase plastered on their clothing while out in public walking hand in hand!

Candace Owens is another “negro” that white right-wing media loves to dote on and especially so when she castigates people of color or when she flies the GOP flag and all things Trump.

Candace Owens and Ye and Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas would be great in each other’s company since all three in my opinion hold both open and hidden disdain for Black people.

Hoping against hope, I would like to see ALL advertisers drop both Ye and Candace Owens or in the alternative, Black people quit supporting either one since neither person have any affinity for the struggles of Black people in America.

Ye thought that his money and creativity would make him impervious to attacks and financial losses. Guess who has been receiving a brutal education on, “that ain’t necessarily so?”

If the GOP wins both chambers of Congress, expect to see more of Candace Owens and Ye being paraded about and around as examples of shameless fronting for a party or its inane positions that impede the progress of people of color in these United States.

Yes, both Ye and Owens have freedom of speech but they are somewhat subject to public opinion about their negative comments about Black people and we should not give them any affirmation simply due to their celebrity status or financial accomplishments.

Celebrity status does not come gift wrapped in common sense or empathy and any level of discernment.

Ye and Candace Owens should not be in your friend zone or group chat.


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