It Is Swami Time Again!!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

I have been blasted by my faithful readers into practically being forced to don my Swami headdress and trot out my trusted crystal ball to give them some relief, albeit small at times, regarding what would be the worst-case scenarios if the Trump-led GOP takes control of Congress.

Prognosticating as a Swami is not a role I take lightly because many people take to heart each spoken word, so I must be circumspect in what I say so that I do not give false hopes or make exaggerated claims.

If people only had a slight inkling of the stress that I undergo to wear the Swami crown, they would be in total awe and wonderment at the mental and emotional sacrifices I voluntarily undertake for their edification.

But, enough about my deprivations, let’s move on to my predictions for the upcoming two years and commentaries thereto.

One: If the Democrats stumble and fall in the midterms and lose control of the House and Senate, nigh political anarchy and gridlock will prevail until the year 2024.

The GOP (at least 80 percent of them) are tied at the hip to the con artist Herr Trump and practically view him as their political savior and entrust him to Make America Great Again!… whatever that means.

With a reign of terror, by whomever is chosen as House Speaker and Senate leader, to befall the hapless Democrats, the now giddy with power GOP, will with great glee and delight terminate the January 6th Committee.

They will inveigh the findings of the report and call it a witch hunt (although the committee did find the witch…Donald Trump) and shut down any further funding for it; and they will challenge Merrick Garland, the head of DOJ to not follow their recommendations.

Two:  When Trump’s minions obtain political power, they will be hell-bent on revenge and will single out any disobedient Republicans who made a stand for the Constitution and those persons will be relegated to the fringes of being engaged in making law and policy.

Three:  People like Marjorie Taylor Greene (aka: MTG), Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, and a host of other malefactors, will obtain juicy committee assignments in which they can lob political grenades at any progressive policies being put forth by the now minority Democrats.

Four: MTG will crow from her roost perch and believe that she is the female incarnation of Attila The Hun and will utter pure gibberish regarding subjects on which she is totally clueless. Regardless of what she utters, the feckless GOP will grin and bear it.

Her fellow travelers will take their ascensions as proof that the American public is ready to acquiesce to an authoritarian figure; and they will introduce legislation that will sound as if they were dictators but somehow working for the American people!

Five:  the US Supreme Court will take their marching orders from the din of the crowd and  issue rulings that will severely hamper and impede voting rights, civil rights, and laws that protect the environment.

Six:  Trump will be indicted in the near future by both the Georgia prosecutor and the DOJ for a host of crimes regarding the document scandal at Mar-A-Lago and Trump trying to corrupt the Georgia vote. Leticia James in NY will score wins against Trump for his attempts to defraud the public with his real estate and tax avoidance schemes.

Seven:  The American public will feel the brunt of a rush of cruel and misguided GOP laws and  will “wise up and rise up” and will vote out the GOP in record numbers in the 2024 elections as never seen before in American politics.

Eight: Trump will exhaust his practice of delaying justice and the US Supreme Court will not overturn his criminal convictions and he will go to prison even after in an attempt to get mercy from the sentencing courts, he admits on open record that he lied about the election of 2020 being stolen.

Nine: Trump’s GOP base will feel betrayed and will turn on the GOP sympathizers who knew the truth but withheld it from them for purposes of their personal and financial gain.

Fox News and similar “news” outlets will be held in disgrace and will go bankrupt because their advertisers will pull their ads due to public pressure of being duped by these so called “news” agencies.

Ten:  The American Carnage, as predicted by Trump in his 2016 inaugural speech, will be completed and the hypnotic trance that held many GOP members in his sway will be broken and people will be embarrassed that they allowed themselves to be so easily conned by Herr Trump and his grifting machinery.

Well. There they are…my Swami predictions. As is usually my wont, I immediately must retire to my bed to recover from this exhaustive ordeal and hope that you will not bombard me with follow up questions since I do not do individual readings.

P.S. Representative Lauren Boebert, a staunch supporter of Herr Trump, recently stated that Jesus Christ is about to return…real soon. My prediction: That is false. No one knows the day or the hour of his promised return; and Rep. Boebert is woefully short on Bible knowledge to say such a thing, but…it gets her headlines. A true Bible doofus if there ever was one!

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