Family ReOUnion: The Ohio University Black Alumni Reunion

“That’s A Awful Lot Of Black Alumni”, was the common phrase used on September 17, 2022, as all roads led to Ohio University for The Family ReOUnion. The Family ReOUnion is a signature event of the university’s Black Alumni Reunion (BAR) that takes place every three years.

Ohio University celebrated the largest Black alumni gathering ever this year, as over 2,000 alumni and friends walked across the infamous Athens bricks for the festivities. With this being the first BAR since the pandemic, there had been a noticeable gap between recent alumni and current students due to the protective measures that were put in place by the university to halt the spread of the virus.

An unforeseen consequence of that gap was the loss of connection that many alumni had experienced from not being able to visit the campus for a prolonged period. The Family ReOUnion served as a bridge to help bring current students and alumni closer together post-pandemic by providing them with fun events that all of their friends and family could enjoy.

The first event of the day was the 2022 Kappa Vs. Alpha Basketball Game (KVAB), pitting brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi (Kappa) against the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha (Alpha). Competitive banter was exchanged on both sides as the Kappas jumped out to a sizeable lead early in the first half.

Given the overwhelming stakes on the line, it was fitting that the two teams traded blows in the fourth quarter. As tough shots, thunderous dunks, and stout defense was played by the Alphas, they were able to come roaring back to trim the lead to one possession late in the final seconds. This hotly contested battle for campus supremacy came down to the last shot as the Alphas missed two potential go-ahead shots at the buzzer, allowing for the Kappas to win a close contest 55-53.

The KVAB championship trophy was presented to Kappas following their narrow victory. After members of the media panel voted, The KVAB MVP was awarded to a member of the Kappas for being the game’s top participant. Proceeds raised during the game were pledged to be donated to the Blackburn-Spencer Scholarship to support students who require financial aid for their education.

After the game, the focus was shifted to The Family ReOUnion Day Party at Jackie O’s Brewpub. This dynamic new event was unlike any other that had been seen at BAR. Custom drink menus were displayed with liquor named after iconic locations around OHIO’s campus giving the attendees a great feeling of nostalgia that could only be obtained at The Family ReOUnion.

The sold-out event was packed with a combination of alumni and current students. Music was flowing through the air keeping the participants immersed by the entire experience provided by DJ Beez, a well-known OHIO alumnus. Laughter and good cheer were exchanged as classmates from new to old generations reminisced about their collegiate experiences.

The Family ReOUnion was a sea of creme and forest green as “That’s A Awful Lot Of Black Alumni” T-Shirts were primarily worn for the occasion. A small pop-up shop was set up inside of the event to allow for easy access to the most sought-after item of the entire weekend.

The creme garment with forest green lettering perfectly captured the heart of being an Ohio Black college alumni. These shirts were designed by Siraaj Woods Creatives, LLC, a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses improve their presence online.

The Family ReOUnion series of events was hosted by R&R Entertainment, a social gathering promotion platform that aims to provide its participants with some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Black Bobcats both past and present were able to connect and network while enjoying a truly remarkable series of events that brought so many people back together who hadn’t seen each other in many years. The atmosphere during these events can only be equated to a family reunion. The entirety of the events can be summed up in one very simple phrase, “That’s A Awful Lot Of Black Alumni.”