Ohio Democrats Bring the “Not-So-Strong Ohio” Tour to Toledo

Marion Ohio Mayor Scott Schertzer speaks as Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, Erika White, State Rep Lisa Sobecki and Councilman Nick Komives look on

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Last week, Ohio Democrats brought their “Not-So-Strong Ohio” tour to Toledo as part their election strategy to tour the state attacking Gov. Mike DeWine and the Republican Party’s stance on abortion, guns, the ongoing First Energy scandal and the redistricting map that has greatly favored Republican candidates.

Joining Marion, OH Mayor Scott Schertzer, candidate for the Ohio Treasurer office, were local elected officials and candidates: Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, State Rep. Lisa Sobecki, candidate for Lucas County Treasurer; Councilman Nick Komives; and Erika White, candidate for state representative.

Leading off the Friday press conference at the Lucas County Democratic headquarters, Kapszukiewicz took the Republican governor to task for not doing enough to address gun violence. Speaking of DeWine’s response to the Dayton mass shooting, Kapszukiewicz noted that the governor “promised he would do something.” Instead, said the mayor “DeWine made the problem worse … and did what cowards do, he caved in to the far right extremists.”

Continuing on that theme, Kapszukiewicz said DeWine’s signing into law the “permitless carry” bill in 2022 was “just another example of absolute cowardice and weakness of a leader who says one thing and does another because it’s expedient.

“On issues ranging from abortion rights to gun violence to redistricting to the largest public corruption scandal in state history, Mike DeWine’s weakness is costing Ohioans big time and taking our state backward,”

Schertzer spoke of his intent to “stand up for the women of the State of Ohio and their right for pro-choice … DeWine, you need to get out of our bedrooms.”

DeWine, said Schertzer, was “not following the law, the will of the people, the constitution.”

Schertzer took aim at the First Energy scandal and the cost to Ohioans which has been placed at $287,000 per day.

“DeWine has failed us time and time again and Nan Whaley won’t let that happen and I won’t let that happen as the state treasurer,” he added.

“Ohio is at a crossroads,” added Sobecki. “We have been moving backwards in the state of Ohio. I’m ready for Ohio to move forward and for putting the economy back on the right track.

Komives also pointed to the governor’s apparent lack of willingness to antagonize the right wing of his party. “DeWine should be held accountable for his cowardice.”

The “Not-so-Strong” tour is hitting a number of Ohio cities and communities focusing on the four major issues of guns, abortion, the First Energy bribery scandal and redistricting.

“Guns have more rights than women in Ohio,” said Kapszukiewicz closing out that portion of the Toledo tour.