NANBPWC- Toledo Club and the Henrietta Society Welcome Burroughs Elementary Students Back to School

Special to The Truth

Summer break has ended and the students of Burroughs Elementary School headed back to school and were greeted by the women of NANBPWC, Inc. – Toledo Club and the Henrietta Society.  Students smiled as they were welcomed with open arms, smiles, laughter and bubbles while entering the doors of the school on the first day.

These businesswomen share the same interest in education and are made up of many retired and current educators who know the importance of helping students receive the best educational opportunities and help that they deserve.

The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women Clubs’ signature program is the NANBPWC Debutante Cotillion Scholarship Program which has existed since 1964.  Programs are always taking place that include Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Health, Economic Development, Education, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Voter Registration and more for students as well as adults.

Wilma Brown is the chair and Karen Jarrett and Denise Cardwell are the co-chairs.  The Toledo Club President is Tyra Smith.  The Toledo Club Members who attended were Denise Black-Poon who is the Toledo Club Program Chair and the North Central District Governor, Deborah Carlisle, Denise Cardwell, Karen Jarrett and Beverly Tucker.

The Henrietta Society was established in 1881 in Toledo, Ohio and has been in continuous operation since that time without interruption.  The purpose of the organization is to provide social fellowship, educational improvement through scholarship and community service. The Henrietta Society is considered to be the oldest active club in the Greater Toledo Area and outdates many national African American organizations. The Henrietta Society president is Audrey Madyun.

Also, in attendance were Kim Davis, Lois Mathis, Jovita Robertson, third grade Teacher at Burroughs Elementary, and Karen Jarrett, retired teacher from Burroughs Elementary.

With a theme of “May the Lord, watch between me and thee, while we are absent, from one another”, you will find The Henriettas, as they are called, decked out in yellow, the club’s color at various events, or wearing a yellow rose, the symbol of friendship.  Each year the club strives to do at least one charitable act such as adopting a family at Christmas, making donations to local food banks, or helping to sponsor events for youth in the community.

Both clubs took time out to also support Jovita Robertson’s third grade class at Burroughs, Elementary School, where they also gave donations of school supplies and were introduced to the students.  It was an opportunity for women of our community to welcome the children back to school.  Plans are already in progress to do the same thing next year with even more.   Feel free to join us as we support our youth.