Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Toledo and Vicinity

August 29, 2022

Concerning the Arrest and Recently Released Body Cam Video Featuring Olympic Bronze Medalist Oshae Jones.

The pastors and leadership of the IMA have reached a position regarding our concerns and outrage after the newly released body camera footage from the Toledo police showing an emerging and chaotic scene prior to the arrest of Ms. Jones.

Sadly, all of this is happening as our community is immersed in the pain and suffering of continued gun violence. We know there are no east or uncomplicated answers to this concern, however, we can’t be silent in the midst of this community suffering under siege from COVID exhaustion and trauma, health inequities and a lack of affordable housing and economic inflation.

We do not see efforts by TPD to de-escalate the crisis near the end of the video nor do we see Ms. Jones exhibiting behavior that would warrant the level of abuse by the unnamed female officer. It seems the vociferous temperament of this interaction was present from the beginning of the video which included profanity of suspects and officers alike.

We are committed to do our part as leaders in the faith community and we challenge government and law enforcement officers and educators to do theirs.



Rev. Dr. Cedric Brock, President interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Toledo & Vicinity, Senior Pastor, Mt. Nebo Baptist Church