Local Congregation Holds Community-wide Vacation Bible School

Carla Baucam, Executive Director It Takes a Village

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church returned to in-person Vacation Bible School (VBS) during a one-day community-wide session on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.  The VBS was organized by the church’s Christian Board of Education which recruited volunteer teachers for five age-appropriate classes. The VBS theme was, “ I’ve Got This with Jesus,” taken from Philippians 4:13, while the adult class discussed how Biblical characters correlate with their everyday life.

“Generally, we would host a five-day vacation Bible School but because of Covid we adjusted to one-day so we can focus on the family. Of course, we invited the members of St. Paul but we also sent out community invitations. I’m thankful that we could reach so many in this special way,” shared Sister Gayle, Christian Board of Education chair.

Sister Garner opened the session with singing, Sister Winfield led a scripture call and response, Rev. Clark delivered a prayer and Sister Diggins led the pledge to both the Christian Flag and U.S. Flag. During each VBS, St. Paul selects a local charity, that will receive all donated items. The 2022 recipient was It Takes a Village, a charity that provides domestic violence housing for children.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this church and this community have done so much for these babies. Unfortunately, we’re adding more children each week, we’re pushing about 30 children now. So, thank you,” shared Carla Baucam, executive director, It Takes a Village.

The church welcomed an estimated 70 individuals and practiced safe social distancing measures.

“This one-day vacation Bible school was a vision of the Christian Board of Education, which was an awesome idea. Due to Covid, we haven’t had many children inside the church. The vacation Bible school would allow us to bring the children and their parents back into the church. As the VBS teachers pull content from the theme’s scripture, it sends a message to our youth and adults that we can do all things through Christ. It let’s them know that no matter what takes place, we have to keep pressing forward,” explained Rev. James Willis, pastor of St. Paul MBC.