Local Coalition Aims to Change Fatherhood Narrative

Members of the Fatherhood Coalition

By Dawn Scotland
The Truth Reporter

The Lucas County Fatherhood Coalition is proclaiming June 2022 as Fatherhood month!

The coalition, in conjunction with five area organizations, held a special press conference Wednesday June 1 at the Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services to launch a series of events focused on Fatherhood.

The aim is to ignite the change in fatherhood in Lucas County.

Jay Black, CEO of Pathway, Inc. opened with remarks: “Studies have shown that when fathers are active in children’s lives- the poverty rate declines. For that reason, we believe… that more focus needs to be placed on fatherhood initiatives and Fatherhood programs and Fatherhood coalitions that we’re talking about here today…We [Pathway] stand with the Lucas County Fatherhood Coalition.”

The Lucas County Fatherhood Coalition began in 2021 and is comprised of over 12 community organizations and three churches. This June the coalition is partnering with Pathway Inc, Brothers United, Lucas County Family & Children First Council, Zepf Center Fatherhood Connections, Lucas County Job & Family Services, Lucas County Children’s Services to provide an exciting week of programming.

Keith Robinson, supervisor of Community Development at Lucas County Children Services, moderated the press conference. Jay Black (Pathway, Inc.); Bishop Larry Mack, pastor of Greater Dreams Church (Wayne, Michigan); Zepf Center and Lucas County Child Support representatives provided remarks in support of the coalition.

Avis Files, director of Supportive Services: Brothers United and Sisters United, Pathway Inc, provided a statement from the coalition: “As members… we celebrate fathers…but let’s be clear, we are mourning the loss of father’s [in Lucas County.] Too many children are growing up without their fathers…Our communities, our county and most importantly our children are suffering a terrible price for of this absence.

“Lucas County fathers are not absent…We can change the narrative today. We much engage with fathers…This much more than individual responsibility only. It’s recognizing that we all have a responsibility.”

Files made the solution clear.  “If we want to stop the social ills in this community there is one sure fire way to do that it is: Fatherhood. We must rally around and support fathers in a way that is tangible through programs in a collective effort… all working at the same time for fathers and families.”

June 2022 Fatherhood Week


Monday, June 13th | 7pm via Zoom

Child Support Conversations with Lucas County Child Support 


Tuesday, June 14th | 3-6 pm Greenbelt Apartments

Fatherhood Baby Shower | Brothers United 


Wednesday, June 15th | 11am – 1pm Dorr St. Plaza

Dad’s Matter | Lucas County Children’s Services


Thursday June 16th |10am- 3pm Mott Branch Library

Fatherhood Fire: Igniting the Change One Day Conference | Lucas County Fatherhood Coalition 


Friday, June 17th |12-3pm Wayman D. Palmer YMCA 2053 N. 14th St.

DADZ at Play | Lucas County Family and Children First Council and Wayman D. Palmer YMCA


Saturday, June 18th | 12-4pm Mott Branch Library & Smith Park 800-2099 Fernwood Ave

Fathers & Families Day | Pathway Inc. Brothers United 


For further information contact Avis Files (Director –Pathway Inc. Brothers and Sisters United Programs) at 419-279-0798 or afiles@pathway.org