Faith Leaders Embrace Grieving Family

Zho’nasia Ticey

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Almost two weeks ago, 14-year-old Zho’nasia Ticey, was murdered when shots were fired into a crowd. In response to this tragedy, pastors from the faith community gathered to encourage and embrace the family. A service was held on Friday, May 20 at Jerusalem Baptist Church, located on Dorr Street.

Rev. Cedric Brock, pastor of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church and president of Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Toledo, opened the service by greeting attendees and served as program M.C. Mt. Nebo’s choir sang emotional musical selections including, ‘My God is Awesome,’ which brought many people to tears. The service continued as area faith-based leaders delivered Biblical scriptures and passionate words of encouragement to the family members and friends.

“Dear family and friends, as I wrestle with this pain knowing that we lost a 14-year-old child. I wonder why and ask the Lord what does this mean. We all have to go sometime and right now it’s not our time,” shared Bishop Darrell Shears.

“We’re here today because we care, we care about the loss. There are people who don’t care or understand, we do care and stand with you. Violence in the city has to stop. People who care must stand up and stand together, say enough is enough. Enough is enough, we stand with you,” shared Rev. Otis Gordon, MinD, pastor of Warren A.M.E. Church and member of Toledo Community Coalition.

“We are here to celebrate with this family, even during a time like this,” shared Rev. James Willis Sr, pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church and member of Toledoans United for Social Action.

The sanctuary was filled as Rev. Willie Perryman, pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church and Toledo NAACP president delivered a sermon. Attendees were asked to donate to cover funeral expenses. Donations are still accepted at Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union on Dorr Street.

“Our objective is we want them to be able to just have a level or a sense of closure, and so closure to families who have lost loved ones, specifically around violence. Give them an opportunity to celebrate their loved ones they lost,” shared Rev. Perryman.

Ticey  is the 17th Toledo homicide victim and fourth juvenile shooting victim this year.

Zho’Nasia Ticey was shot around 8:17 p.m. on the corner of North Erie and Cleveland streets.

Ticey was taken to Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center, where she later died.

An 18-year-old Toledo man, Jeano Lampkin, was arrested for shooting Ticey.