Read More with Audiobooks from the Toledo Library!

Do you want to read more, but never seem to find the time? The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is here to help!

Audiobooks offer benefits that traditional reading doesn’t provide, especially for young readers who can gain knowledge, increase vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension with the help of audiobooks. If your child is easily frustrated by books, audiobooks can be real game changers for capturing their attention and developing reading skills.

Three reasons you should give our audiobooks a try!

  1. They are convenient. 

Exercising, driving, cleaning, getting ready, falling asleep, waking up, mowing the lawn, laying in the pool, making dinner, browsing the internet, shoveling snow, painting your nails, trimming your dogs’ fur – the list of when you can read an audiobook is endless.

  1. They are versatile. 

You can easily download audiobooks for free with a Library card and Toledo Library’s Libby and hoopla apps. You also can also borrow a Playaway which comes preloaded with an audiobook, no WiFi or other device needed. The Toledo Library also has audiobooks on CD, Wonderbooks for children, and Dial-A-Story.

  1. They expand your reading horizons. 

Libby and hoopla have THOUSANDS of titles and you can access them in the palm of your hand. Fiction, romance, mystery, nonfiction, children’s books, and much more!

Start listening today! Visit any of the 20 Toledo Library locations, learn more at, or call 419.259.5200 to get started listening today!

  • Download 72,730 titles from the Libby and hoopla apps
  • Borrow a Playaway: 2,052 titles preloaded on an audio player, no WiFi or other device needed
  • 190,102 audiobooks on CD
  • 2,175 Wonderbooks for children
  • Call 419.745.9700 for Dial-A-Story: free, recorded stories for children, teens, and adults! Listen by phone any time of day or night. Stories updated every two weeks.