Groomed for Greatness Hosts Mother’s Day Event

Patrice and Cassidy McClellan, Miracle Williams, Paula Hicks-Hudson, Michelle McClellan

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

Groomed for Greatness hosted a unique mother-daughter bonding event on May 7, which featured a mother/daughter duo speakers, matching themed outfits and a variety of fun activities.

“My mother and grandmother were old school. I was raised that to know kids were seen and not heard but kids today want respect. That’s why I invited Dr. P and Cassidy to speak today, so they can talk about and heal from generational gaps,” explained Michelle McCaster, Groomed for Greatness founder.

Sets of mothers and daughters filled the event space, enjoyed a buffet-style luncheon menu and received door prizes. The event featured mother and daughter speakers Patrice McClellan, PhD and Cassidy McClellan, who spoke about ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand, Bridging the Generational Gap.’

“I’m here today because I support the efforts and work from Groomed for Greatness,” shared Paula Hicks Hudson, Ohio State Representative.

Patrice McClellan opened the speaking portion of the luncheon, followed by Cassidy. Then the pair facilitated a brief question and answer session.

“When you’re raised to be seen and not heard, it sometimes doesn’t give you the courage to speak your mind but I understand that this was how our parents wanted to protect us. I didn’t want to repeat the cycle, but understand what I had in my toolkit, came from my mother and grandmother. I utilize conscious parenting and let her speak her mind, because respecting her gives her safety and teaches boundaries,” Patrice McClellan.

“My mom is my ride or die. Parents need to have their daughter’s back. When I finally got into the real world and learned that people weren’t genuine, it messed me up. I wasn’t raised that way. If you don’t have a relationship with your daughter, who will get advice from? My mom always has my back,” shared Cassidy.

According to, the organization seeks to enhance the lives of girls through professional and personal growth and enrichment programs that will help them become future leaders and productive members of society. Groomed for Greatness was established in February 2017 by Michelle McCaster. For more information visit Facebook page