It’s Time to Vote in the Interest of the Black Community

Paul Hubbard

By Paul Hubbard
Guest Column

Black Voters should not focus on the political party ticket, but for long tern positive change in our community. Our interest is education, housing health care, building wealth, Covid, small business, jobs and food.

As Black folks we get handouts while Whites get business opportunities. We get tossed into prisons and welfare. Background checks keeps us out of jobs and housing. Gangs have become the Black family in a lot of cases because of lack of government family support.

America is governed by a two-party political system, Democrats and Republicans. The Black vote has sometimes decided which party will be in office to govern.

When we vote in numbers as we did for Obama the Democrats win. We didn’t come out for Hillary Clinton and the Republicans (Trump) won. The left wing, right wing, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, rich people all vote in their self-interest. Black people need to start voting and using political pressure for our self-Community Interest.

There is a new voting block of liberal White educated Women who are pushing for public policy that favor their interests. Hispanics who were 70 percent Democratic are now often much less than that

Democrats and Republicans are pushing both parties in their interest. In America there is a growing contempt for influence from the far left. They talk a good game on diversity, and the struggles of Black folks in their ads and talking points. They actually give our community very little accept a “Good Feeling.” They are good at wordsmithing.

A few Democrats joined Republicans to squash voting rights and police reforms. A few Republicans joined Democrats to elect the first Black Female to the US Supreme Court (Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson).

The 2022 Urban League “State of Black America” poll showed the majority of Black Americans feel their vote counts. The poll also said that Black Folks don’t feel either party is doing enough to strengthen Black community’s interests. America cannot piecemeal its way out of the Black problems that are stated above.
Black folks, let’s use our Black vote to put pressure on both parties to pass legislation that benefits our Black community.