NANBPWC Maumee Bay Holds Celebration

Mandisa Sherife Kekulah

By Tricia Hall
The Truth Reporter

The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (NANBPWC) Maumee Bay, hosted a virtual celebration to acknowledge women’s history and the organization’s Founders’ Day on April 10 with the theme, ‘In Spite of … Still, I Rise.”

Precious Tate opened the celebration and served as event mistress of ceremony; Janice McWilliams delivered an opening prayer; Natalie Edwards read the organization’s history and Trevor Black presented a tribute to the organization’s founders.

“As you can see our organization has grown in size and scope over the years,” shared Edwards at the conclusion of the reading.

“Our seven founders were destined to make a difference. We, the members of the Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club Incorporated, are grateful for their vision and tenacity, which was demonstrated when they reached their goal. Now 87 years later their vision continues,’ said Black during the tribute.

Jamila Kekulah Kinney

The program featured three speakers which focused on different topics that aligned with their professional expertise. Mandisa Sherife Kekulah spoke about the mind, Jamila Kekulah Kinney spoke about the body and Patrece Tolbert-Maggott spoke about the soul.

Sherife Kekulah encouraged attendees to focus on self-care and shared relaxation tips. “Burnt out and stress look different for everyone, as humans we tend to push ourselves through but pushing it down, doesn’t help it go away.”

Kekulah Kinney encouraged attendees to understand that emotions can influence the body. “We are in a society that often separates experiences. Separating the body from emotions and emotions from the mind, wanting to be productive at any cost.”

Tolbert-Maggott reminded attendees that religion is connected to the soul. “I love to talk about my Savior because I have a testimony of deliverance. I understand that people may have different beliefs, but I can only speak on where I am. I have to talk about grace of our God. Our soul is who we are, if our soul is in trouble, then we’re in trouble. The soul is the breath of God in us.”

The club acknowledge three community women who have dedicated their time and talents to helping the community. The 2022 honorees were: Kristin Moncrief, owner of OptiGo by Twix N Between, Jenai Hicklin, founder of New Leaf Group, Inc and pharmacist Rochelle Rollins.

Petrece Tolbert-Maggott

“Thank you. As I was listening to the presenters, I needed to hear all that was shared today. God knows when you need it. Thank you for this amazing honor and amazing gift. I’m honored to be recognized for doing what I love,” shared Moncrief during her acceptance speech.

“I’m blessed and overwhelmed by this honor. I am honored to receive this and it’s going on my wall. I live to serve and serve to live, and I love to meet people where they are and grateful for this opportunity to serve and love people,” said Hicklin during her acceptance speech.

“We all must remember that we must live and not die, because the enemy cannot take our joy. As a pharmacist, I’m a walking resource to other people, my family and myself,” said Rollins during her acceptance speech.

NANBPWC was founded in 1935 and the organization’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of African American business and professional women; to serve as a bridge for young people seeking to enter business and the professions; to improve the quality of life in the local and global communities; and to foster good fellowship. For additional information about the national organization, visit



Trevor Black