Clarence Thomas…In The Hot Seat!

Lafe Tolliver

By Lafe Tolliver, Esq
Guest Column

As we are now learning, a legal hurricane of F-5 (the most powerful ranking) proportions is about to hit the fan regarding Supreme Court Jurist, Clarence (a/k/a: Uncle Tom) Thomas.

If you have not been recently sleeping in a hollow log with no Internet, you would have learned that a legal iceberg 10 times the size that scuttled the famed ship, The Titanic, is about to hit both the Supreme Court and Congress.

The iceberg and the hurricane have joined deadly forces and promise to create judicial and ethical havoc when both touch ground.

It is reported that the right-wing (far right wing?) conservative wife of Clarence Thomas had been sharing scandalous emails with Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s former and now disgraced chief of staff.

The emails involved Ginni Thomas, the wife of Uncle Tom Thomas, throwing all her considerable weight (both physical and political), behind the debunked QAnon conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen and that the Biden “crime family” was part of any election heist.

In the many mails, 29 uncovered to date, Ginni Thomas waxes longingly about the greatness of Donald Trump and she exhorts the MAGA crowd to fight the fight! Yes, Ginni attended the “Stop The Steal Rally!”

In response, Mark Meadows, gets spiritual and tries to invoke the King of Kings (aka: Jesus the Christ) as being on the side of the GOP in their glorious fight to save America from the “Lefties.”

Mark Meadows pledges undying fidelity to the lost cause of Donald Trump and Ginni Thomas props him up by telling him to hold on, change is coming!

Imagine if you will the other hundreds of emails that this treasure trove of documents will reveal to the January 6 committee which has received them from Mark Meadows due to a court order.

The surreal rantings of Ginni Thomas have the clear markings of a person who has lost touch with reality, and she is on a wingnut flight of her own fancy in her battle for the very soul of America and her fight to save liberty!

Into this caustic boiling cauldron of delusional people, fantasy talk and outright lies, we will have to see what response, if any, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court will make in order to shore up the public image of a court that is already under dire stress due to polling showing that Americans believe that the highest court of the land is already too partisan and political.

Into this ethical cesspool, we are also waiting for any commentary from Uncle Tom Thomas who will simply poo-poo it all away and smugly state that you cannot touch him because he is appointed for life to the court.

Chief Justice John Roberts will have to grow a missing backbone if he has any chance of trying to rehabilitate the image of a court that is somber, august and demands respect and obedience of the public to their decrees.

Mark Meadows has engaged in spiritual blustery when he invokes the name of Jesus Christ as his shield and source for waging a battle against the forces of evil (Of course the forces of good are always the Republicans).

Neither Mark Meadows or his co-conspirator, Ginni Thomas have any claim to a high moral ground; and much less so in trying to wrap themselves in the cloak of holy scripture in their futile attempt to restore the White House back to Donald Trump.

Never mind that Donald Trump has never evidenced any remote characteristics of Jesus the Christ or that his life is a continuum of lies, bigotry, deception, sexual misconduct and a total disregard for all things legal and constitutional.

Those niceties have never bothered the collective conscience of the GOP, whose members, in some sections of their party, hold Trump in near messianic terms as some type of political savior that will prevent America from sliding into a present-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

This text scandal will become increasingly pronounced when more evidence may reveal that other people in high places in government participated in discussions and actions whose only purpose was to subvert a free and just election.

Never mind that Ginni Thomas and her cohort, Mark Meadows, cannot produce a shred of new evidence that would overturn the voluminous evidence that indicates that the 2020 elections were the most secure in election history.

Such facts as those are of no importance to QAnon seekers and people such as Mark Meadows and Ginni Thomas because those adherents seek not the truth but what they perceive as being their own created truisms.

If Clarence Thomas has a modicum of self-respect, he would resign and take his conspiracy-laden wife with him to parts unknown because the credibility of Clarence Thomas is beyond restoration or redemption.

With his vote being the only dissenting one in the matter of turning over to the investigative commission these text records of Mark Meadow, Clarence Thomas has demonstrably shown that he has irretrievably compromised his judicial integrity and is a pawn to his QAnon addled wife.

The image of the Supreme Court has been dealt a crushing blow by these revelations and it will take an act of Congress to put the pieces back together again; and which may include having Ginni Thomas testify before the commission or Congress impeaching Clarence Thomas.

For me, the choice is impeachment due to Clarence Thomas being a willing pawn of outside negative influences.

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