Dear Mr. Stechschulte and Toledo School Board Members:

Elgin Rogers

I am writing seeking your consideration for appointment to the vacant Toledo City School Board position. I am drawn to this post because of my belief in the necessity of public education, and my desire to support the board’s ongoing vision and success.

It is my belief and my experience that public education changes lives. I know this because it changed my “life” and the lives of my peers as we battled through the then “crack” epidemic. As we traveled daily to school, navigating the corners of Oakwood and Smead was not an easy task given the trappings of the neighborhood. However, along with our families, teachers, coaches and community, we were encouraged to keep pressing on until we achieved the goal of gaining a “good education.”

As a graduate of Lincoln elementary, Robinson Junior High school, and the Jesup W. Scott High school, my character and strong academic skills were developed which uniquely prepared me for great success in college.  Having earned both a Master of Arts degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State University, Kent, OH, which are both public institutions of higher education, I truly understand why, we must fight to protect public education.

My experience as an educator in higher education and working with K-12 students (Upward Bound see CV; AALC’s Johnnye Van Buren Warnsley Leadership Institute 2015 – present), and first-generation college students affords me a perspective on education, curriculum, academic programming, and student development that would be an asset to this body. My past and ongoing support of the board’s membership, the board’s initiatives, and TPS administration as a community leader exemplifies why I am excited to serve alongside this group.

My qualifications as an administrator, working with collective bargaining units, and my understanding of the complexity of large organizations would be an asset to the board. These experiences coupled with my knowledge of the communities the district serves, my experiences as a volunteer at TPS schools (Rogers High School 2015 & 2016; Scott High School 2010 & 2011; Rosa Parks 2017 & 2018, & Leverette 2018 & 2019), and my success collaborating with diverse groups to achieve short and long term goals – makes me the ideal candidate to fill this vacancy.

During the 2011 school year, I volunteered and participated in a series of community meetings hosted by TPS. I observed the board and community work to determine how to save our school system amid the unprecedented challenges stemming from the great recession. It was because of this board’s 21st century vision and leadership that our school system survived and is progressing today – even in the midst of ongoing attacks on public education.

As you all are fully aware in December of 2021 the board faces another unprecedented challenge i.e. another attack on public education given the recent change in the state funding model.  If appointed, I will work on behalf of the students in this community as a board member to defeat any and all threats to public education. I will work as an ambassador to promote the district and advocate for families to return to our district.

With this board’s support, I will work faithfully to make sure that public education is available to all in our community. If appointed to the seat, I have ample experience and knowledge of organizing, and leading campaigns which will help tremendously when working to retain the position.  My name is Elgin Rogers, Jr., and I am asking for your vote to fill the vacancy on the Toledo City School Board.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Elgin Rogers, Jr.