Do You Have a Head Full of Dreams?

Diana Patton, Londyn Bryant, Stewart Principal Rhonda Kimmons

By Diana Patton
Guest Column

We know someone who does, that’s Londyn Bryant, sixth grade student at the Toledo Public Schools, Ella P. Stewart Academy for Girls. She’s the October 2021 Head Full of Dreams Student of the Month.

Londyn won this monthly award because her teachers noticed her school attendance was amazing, she has an incredible attitude, contagious smile and her academic achievement is stellar. She’s so lovely in every way.

Londyn’s dream is to be a AWE fighter, a superstar (which she already is), and a baker.

Each month, an Ellla P. Stewart Academy for Girls sixth grade student is chosen for the Head Full of Dreams award. Once selected, each student of the month receives a personalized cake of her choice, a crown and recognition at school for their award.

Londyn Bryant

Then, each student chooses the restaurant they wish to go to, and Diana R. Patton, founder of the Head Full of Dreams Program, Ella P. Stewart Principal Rhonda Kimmons and University of Toledo Talented Aspiring Women Leader (TAWL) Kyndra Gaines take the student to dinner to continue to celebrate the student.

The student of the month is also connected to a business or person, in the Toledo community, who is doing what the award winner dreams about being.

It’s an amazing program, which originated at the now closed Polly Fox Academy in 2015.

Diana picked Londyn up, to take her to dinner, and she met Londyn’s lovely mother, Jacquelynne Cunningham, Oncology Nurse at ProMedica Hospitals, and Londyn’s amazing PaPa, who had an Ohio State hat on. They all connected and took photos.

Right after picking Londyn up, Diana found out that Londyn’s favorite group is Pentatonix, so OF COURSE they blasted Pentatonic’s version of “Blinding Lights,” by the Weekend in the car.

“Ohhh … I’m blinded by the lights,” … and off they went to dinner.

Patton, Londyn and Jacquelynne Cunningham, Londyn’s mother

Diana and Londyn met Principal Rhonda Kimmons at JAlexanders and enjoyed an amazing dinner. They learned that Londyn will soon be traveling to Mexico and is scheduled to see a Broadway musical in Detroit, MI. Londyn loves to sing.

If there’s one thing Londyn and Diana have in common, is they love to LAUGH and crack jokes. There was so much laughter and great conversation at their table, they could have been there for hours. But they eventually left, not without taking a photo to memorialize their adventure.

When asked “how do you see the world around you,” Londyn says, “I think people have been through a lot, not born with a ‘silver spoon’ in their mouth, and we need to find a way to help them and their families”

Well said, Londyn. We couldn’t agree more.

That is a good explanation for part of the reason WHY Diana developed the Head Full of Dreams program in the first place.

Londyn is PHENOMENAL. We are confident that she will keep rising and DREAMING, as we all encourage and celebrate her, and the other Ella P. Student Academy for Girls students, to keep going.

Stay tuned for the November Head Full of Dreams Student of the Month.

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