De’Lisa Moore: Saving You Money; Enabling Your Growth; Alleviating Your Stress

FrogTown Financial’s De’Lisa Moore

By Asia Nail
Sojourner’s Truth Reporter

How good are you with your money?

If you’re a good money manager, you’re the exception.

For many of us on the surface, dealing with money is complicated. Well we’ve found a hidden gem of financial management for you!

De’Lisa Moore is Toledo’s best kept secret regarding tax preparation and financial education.

Through her company, ‘FrogTown Financial,” Moore is creating a financial movement that is helping northwest Ohioians transform the way they think about their finances.

Born and reared in Toledo, Ohio, Moore fell in love with numbers in her Roger’s High School business class. Noticing her knack for finance, Moore’s instructor, Roger Zimmerman, helped her learn to do taxes the good ole’ fashion way… by hand.

“I got my start preparing all my family and friend’s taxes in school. To this very day our team still educates our clients by preparing their taxes by hand. We show our clients ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ behind their taxes and finances.” shares Moore.

Moore went on to earn her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Toledo and is now a multi-faceted tax expert. Moore brings more than 20 years of professional experience including working for The City of Toledo’s Division of Taxation and founding her own Black-woman-owned tax firm in 2015, FrogTown Tax, now FrogTown Financial.

Since inception, FrogTown Financial has become Toledo’s one-stop shop for tax preparation, insurance and business compliance, among an array of other growing services. “We have a passion for making financial management actionable and accessible for our clients,” says Moore.

Toledoans who know the city’s history will tell you that they weren’t always just known as Glass City, but once upon a time the nickname was Frogtown. The name came from the days of the Great Black Swamp when wetland areas along the banks of the Maumee were known for having large numbers of frogs and toads. “We named Frogtown Financial in recognition of our rich Toledo history,” shares Moore.

Located at 4312 Monroe Street, FrogTown Financial has a three-tiered mission: Saving you money, Enabling your growth & Alleviating your stress.

Saving you money

The FrogTown Financial Team has a talent for breaking down complex personal finance challenges and topics into understandable, relatable action steps for each individual client.

“I am passionate about guiding people generationally through the financial literacies of life. If a client brings their young adult child, we will do the child’s tax return for free. We want all generations in your family to feel welcome and remember the FrogTown Financial family,” explains Moore.

FrogTown Financial also has a giving heart. They routinely donate uniforms and supplies to local schools and food banks, as well as support many non-profit initiatives rooted in helping the underserved.

“Every Holiday Season you can bring 5 holiday gifts to FrogTown Financial to be Gift Wrapped for FREE!  Just bring a non-perishable food donation,” says Moore.

Enabling Growth

FrogTown Financial monitors the ever-changing rules of the tax world to help their clients manage tax risk and opportunities.

Known for their stellar tax preparation, FrogTown Financial invests in their clients’ development and growth while encouraging financial education in areas clients may have not considered.

“Since becoming a realtor in 2018 I’ve been able to help many clients who were renters design plans for home ownership.  I also provide the proper guidance to help owners become investors,” explains Moore.

Alleviating Stress

Most of what people know about money is based upon false assumptions. In lieu of this fact, De’Lisa Moore gives her clients simple steps to becoming financially sound by introducing realistic and achievable methods over complicated money management systems.

“Creating and understanding your money management plan isn’t about denying yourself,” Moore shares, “It’s truly as simple as being mindful with your spending and crystal clear about your financial goals.”

“We teach our clients how we manage so they understand what is happening with their book keeping and are empowered in our absence. We also get the maximum refunds our tax clients are entitled to,” says Moore. “We alleviate stress because our clients are clear on the short-term actions that lead to their long-term dreams.”

Moore also shares the acronym for FROG is Fully Rely On God. On FrogTown Financial’s website she encourages viewers in a heartfelt video sharing her personal testimony as a business professional.  “Truly this business was built on my faith and belief in God,” she says.

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