Author Iva Brassfield: A Yucky Dialog

Iva Brassfield

Living your best life after a shameful past is the heart of A Yucky Dialog, written by Iva Brassfield. She found herself in the hands of a 34-year-old neighbor at 14 years of age. It started with emotional manipulation, rape, and sexual exploitation during her freshman year of high school.  Thirty-eight years later, she faced her demons. It was time to be healed, and she was ready to do the work. A Yucky Dialog written with raw truth represents hope and how to overcome the challenges of a distasteful (yucky) background, from a survivor to a thriver.

 Iva is a licensed and ordained Elder. She holds a Master’s of Theology from North Carolina Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from Colorado Theological Seminary. She serves on the Pastoral Care Team at The Refreshing Place. She retired from Powertrain GM in 2016, where she also served as the Chaplain of the Local 14 UAW for six years. Iva also co-authored Crystal Clear with other women throughout the United States.

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