Jera’s Heavenly Sweet’s Grand Opening

On June 17, 2017, Jera Stewart opened her a full-service bakery, Heavenly Sweet, overlooking the serene fountains of Promenade Park.

This past Saturday, September 25, Stewart had the opportunity to do it all over again, but on a much grander scale.

This time Jera’s Heavenly Sweet opened its own shop at 3057 Bancroft Street with all the fanfare that the occasion could call for.

Live entertainment was supplied by Nate Hicks and Vicky Simpson; gift cards, T-shirts and cake give-aways were featured attractions and lots of samples and prizes abounded.

But, as always is the case at Jera’s, the baked goods – particularly the cookies – were the highlight. And the large crowd who attended the grand opening took note, buying up all of the store’s supplies.

“Yesterday was exactly what we’ve always dreamed it would be. We sold out by noon, baked what dough we had left…then sold out again by 3 pm just in time to close!” said Stewart.

“Our family and friends volunteered their day helping pass out samples, run the raffle, wash the endless mountain for dishes, clean up messes, and anything else we asked of them.

The live music was beautiful and set a warm and friendly environment and the sounds of people chatting as they sat at our tables filled the space. It was perfect.

Thank you to every single person who came, shared our posts, sent money for someone else to buy, or just sent verbal congratulations. We felt all of that love!”

The new location is just perfect for Jera’s growing enterprise. Located at the entrance to the University of Toledo’s north entrance and next to a bookstore, the shop has space for relaxing while munching on some of the best baked sweet goods Toledo has to offer. In addition to the cookies, brownies, pies, pastries, dinner rolls, cupcakes and cakes, Jera’s also offers a line of specialty ice cream.

Jera’s Heavenly Sweets can be reached at 419-214-1107 or online at where you can see a menu displaying all the goodies.