Pandemic Disrupts Critical Early Childhood Education

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While young children have been less vulnerable to COVID-19 health dangers, a new study finds that they’ve been tremendously impacted by the disruption to preschool activities triggered by the pandemic.

The National Institute for Early Education Research study finds that pre-K participation has tumbled during the pandemic. What’s more it finds that children are spending less time outdoors and on certain key learning activities at home with parents and caregivers, and more time in front of screens.

Education experts say early learning opportunities are critical for young children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development, as well as their mental health. New resources can help fill the preschool void and make this an enriching time for young children. To learn more, visit

While the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for families with young children, building a love of learning early on can help pave the way for a great future.

Courtesy StatePoint