It’s July and The Local Political Season Has Started

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

Councilwoman Cerssandra McPherson filed her petitions to retain her At-Large seat on Toledo City Council on July 1, 2021. McPherson is one of four council members who were appointed to the city’s legislative body in September 2020 when their four predecessors were removed from office after criminal charges were filed against them.

McPherson’s priorities are community safety, neighborhood revitalization and youth engagement. “Before and during my time on council, I have worked to get funding in place for youth programs in our community,” said McPherson. “If Toledo is to have a brighter future, we need to work together and deliver the types of programs that keep our kids safe and sets them up for a future of success.”

McPherson has worked for the Toledo Public Schools for over 30 years, currently as a special education paraprofessional. Her community involvement includes working with the local NAACP, the Toledo Interfaith Mass Choir, service the Toledo Federation of Teachers as a board member, the Toledo Chapter Coalition for Black Trade Unionists and volunteering hours to support candidates and their campaigns.

McPherson is a graduate of Libbey High School and attended the University of Toledo majoring in special education with a minor in social work. She is a member of Braden United Methodist Church where she has served as trustee chairmen, choir president, pastoral care committee, the youth director, among many supportive roles.

“No one issue stands alone,” said McPherson. “If we can work together to improve community safety, we can start to focus on the equitable revitalization of our neighborhoods while maintaining affordable rents and increasing homeownership. Toledoans being provided the opportunity to invest in communities, whether it be as homeowners or starting a small business, is good for all of us.”