Barbie and Herman Harrison, United As Always, Ordained Together

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

It wasn’t an easy journey, nor a particularly speedy one, but on Father’s Day 2021, Barbie and Herman Harrison were finally ordained as ministers at United Missionary Baptist Church by Pastor Robert Bass. They were ordained together just as they have done nearly everything together since they met at Grambling State College (now Grambling State University) more than five decades ago, and just as they did through 52 years of marriage.

“The spirit led us to a place where both could be ordained,” says Barbie Harrison of that journey that took them, years ago, to Third Baptist Church and then to the Weinbrenner Seminary to study.

Together Rev. Herman and Rev. Barbie Harrison were licensed several years ago at Third Baptist with the State of Ohio and have both been preaching the Gospel and ministering throughout the community for many years, helping the sick and shut-in, praying for and assisting families during bereavement and hard times.

Herman’s health issues and disabilities slowed the couple’s progress; Third Baptist’s leadership vacuum stymied it even more and the pandemic almost brought that progress to a halt, especially when Herman contracted COVID-19 and passed away on Christmas Day, 2020.

But on Father’s Day 2021, at United MBC, Barbie was ordained in the flesh and Herman was ordained in memoriam. The couple together – as always, with their children, son Marcus and wife and kids, and daughter Kristan, in attendance.

And friends from Cincinnati, Columbus and Findlay, Ohio, along with some from Auburn Hills, Michigan joined the celebration.

Herman rests in peace now but Barbie’s ministry continues. The Rev. Barbie Harrison will continue her mission, her ministry to the community, to the sick and the shut-in, to the families during bereavement and hard times. She won’t be alone. The Rev. Herman Harrison will be with her, assisting her with that ministry, keeping her spirits high.