Da-Vee Designs: A New Gift Boutique Opens at the Mall

Verna Smith

Sojourner’s Truth Staff

You need stuff? This little shop around the corner has stuff!

Some great stuff and just about something for every occasion – African art, jewelry and clothing, to name a

few items. Do you need a bit of home décor? Or even more importantly, do you need a gift for someone – a special someone, a special occasion?

Or perhaps you might want to sample some African tea or coffee or experiment with some of the spices and cooking oils when you uncover some recipes from Benin or Togo.

David Stovall

David Stovall and Verna Smith opened Da Vee Designs last Friday at Westland Franklin Park Mall to kick off the Memorial Day weekend and the shop immediately drew a crowd of intrigued Mall shoppers. And with good reason. The shop is chock full of goodies – from Africa and from local artists and artisans.

Candles, soaps, incense – all kinds of home décor and art. Father’s Day is coming on pretty soon and we have a pretty good idea just where to start looking ….