FDCA Foundation Established to Revitalize Center’s Impact

Sojourner’s Truth StaffFDCA goals

The Frederick Douglass Community Association announced the creation of the Frederick Douglass Community Association Foundation on Monday during a news conference at the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union.

The Foundation was formed in partnership with Walk the Word Church and was the brainchild of the church’s pastor Rev. Tim Pettaway.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on communities of color, the FDCA realized the urgency of moving forward with the vision and redirection of the services and programming offered at the Community Center.

“We’re asking everybody for a $100 investment at the Credit Union,” said Pettaway who noted that an investment in the Community Center is also an investment in the community itself.

The FDCA Foundation was created by the center’s community of supporters to enhance the services and innovative programming provided at the Center and for the renovation of the center and surrounding community. The Foundation has set a goal of winning the financial support of 100,000 citizens and has established a trust account at the Credit Union for donations from those in the community.

Reggie Williams, executive director of the FDCA, spoke of the vision created by the partnership of the Center and Walk the Word. “We believe that now is the time to run with that vision, we have to change direction,” said Williams. “This partnership by the community and for the purpose of this community … is to renovate and enhance programs.

Some of the renovation has already begun, noted Albert Earl, president of the FDCA board of directors. The second floor, he said, has been completed due to the contributions of members of the community.  “We are doing great things at the Frederick Douglass. However, we have greater visions than just beautifying the building.”

The long-term goal of the fundraising effort, said Earl, is to create “opportunities to hire more people and increase services to the community.”

It’s an effort that will take time, said Pettaway.

“This is not a sprint, it’s a journey. But with the help of everybody in the community, this will be an easy task.”