Toledo Buffalo Soldiers Honor Fallen Police Officer

On Sunday, July 5, the Toledo Buffalo Soldiers organized a motorcycle drive through the streets of Toledo, ending at the Toledo Safety Building, to honor Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia who was shot and killed in the line of duty early Saturday morning on W. Alexis Avenue.

An audience of several hundred bikers, police supporters, clergy and interested spectators joined the Buffalo Soldiers.

“We have to work together, as individuals connecting – and reach out and touch one person, said Fred LeFebvre, radio personality and the Toledo Buffalo Soldiers public information officer, during his opening remarks. “This is what can happen with collaboration, cooperation and solidarity.”

Bishop Brehon Hall of the New Psalmist Church opened the ceremony with a prayer and TPD Chief George Kral spoke to Mrs Dia and her two children who attended.

Earl Mack, president of the Toledo Buffalo Soldiers, planner of the event and a candidate for Lucas County Sheriff, echoed LeFebvre’s remarks, emphasizing the need for solidarity between law enforcement and the community.