Assets Toledo                           1946 N. 13thSt.

Bailey’s Pizza & Chicken            237 S. Erie St.

Barry Bagels                             500 Madison Ave.

Beaners Gourmet Coffee           420 Madison Ave.

Beer Outlet                                237 S. Erie St.

Catholic Charities                      Downtown

Catholic Club                            1601 Jefferson Ave.

China King Restaurant               325 N. Superior St.

Courthouse                               Downtown

Democratic HQ                         1817 Madison Ave.

Erie St. Market                          Erie St.

Greyhound                                811 Jefferson Ave.

Health Department                     635 N. Erie

Hillcrest                                    241 16th

Huntington Bank                        519 & 800 Madison Ave.

Key Bank                                  245 N. Superior

Leo’s Bookshop                        333 N. Superior

Lucas County Corrections          1622 Spielbusch Ave.

Main Library                              325 N. Michigan St.

Manhatten’s Bar                        1516 Adams St.

Planned Parenthood                  1301 Jefferson Ave.

Salvation Army                          620 N. Erie

Seagate Hotel                           401 Jefferson Ave.

Shell Gas                                  Downtown

Spitzer Building                         520 Madison Ave.

Toledo Community Dev.            608 Madison Ave.

Toledo Metro Credit Union         1212 Adams St.

YWCA                                      1018 Jefferson Ave.

5/3 Bank                                   606 Madison Ave.



Central Toledo:

A Woman’s Answer                   4895 Monroe St.

All Saints Episcopal Church       563 Pinewood Ave.

Apha Towers                             525 E. Woodruff Ave.

Alpha Towers                            525 E. Woodruff Ave.

American Petrolium                   3730 Monroe St.

American Red Cross                  2275 Collingwood Blvd.

AP Gas                                     Bancroft St.

Ashland Manor                          2030 Ashland Ave.

Ascension Lutheran Church        1326 Collingwood Blvd.

B&J Café                                  574 Tecumseh St.

Bailey’s Beverage Center           4040 Monroe St.

Beauty Bar                                2919 Central Ave.

Bethleham Baptist                     1430 W. Bancroft St.

Beulah Baptist                           720 Junction

Bibleway Temple                       2335 Collingwood Blvd.

Big Mommas                            2101 Dorr St.

C. Brown Funeral Home             1629 Nebraska Ave.

C. Brown Funeral Home             1629 Nebraska Ave.

Central Missionary                     821 Junction Ave.

Chance For Change                   7 E. Bancroft St.

Christian Love                           2500 Nebraska Ave.

Christian Temple Baptist            1201 Blum St.

Church of the Living God           2154 Collingwood Blvd.

Church’s Chicken                       2124 Franklin

Community Variety                    2165 Ashland Ave.

Connecting Point                       1212 Cherry St.

Dale Funeral Home                    572 Nebraska Ave.

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist      2001 Ashland Ave.

Elks                                          Junction

EOPA                                       525 Hamilton St.

Family Food                             1212 N. Detroit

Frederick Douglas                     Indiana Ave.

Frederick Douglas                     Indiana Ave.

Focus Homeless Services         2283 Ashland Ave.

Fosters Barber                          1645 W. Bancroft

Glass City Academy                  2275 Collingwood Blvd.

Goodtimes Barbershop             2237 Ashland Ave.

Grenadier                                  1343 Avondale

Hamilton Building                      525 Hamilton St.

House of Day                           2550 Nebraska Ave.

Huntington Bank (swaynefield)   3050 Monroe St.

I.G.A.                                        Franklin

Indiana Baptist Church               640 Indiana Ave.

JB Carryout                               Bancroft

Kent Library                              3101 Collingwood Blvd.

Kitchen for the Poor                  650 Vance St.

Laundry Express                       1136 Dorr St.

Liberty Care Center                    2005 Ashland Ave.

Local 12                                    2300 Ashland Ave.

Laborers Local 500                    2270 Ashland Ave.

LMHA                                       392 Nebraska Ave.

LMHA                                       435 Nebraska Ave.

Lutheran Social Services            2149 Collingwood Blvd

Lyman W. Liggins Sr. Center      1171 Oakwood Ave.

McDonalds                               1520 Cherry St.

McDonalds                               Dorr & Collingwood

McDonalds                               3000 Monroe St.

Millenium Fashions                    1244 Flare Dr.

Midtown Grocery                       1130 W. Bancroft St.

Midtown Grocery                       2560 Dorr St.

Mon’s House                             2505 Franklin Ave.

Monroe United Methodist           3613 Monroe St.

Mott Library                              1085 Dorr St.

Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church         1401 Hoag St.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church             701 Vance St.

New Sunshine Sweatshop          12 E. Bancroft St.

Nitty’s Barber                            1685 W. Bancroft St.

Odella’s                                    539 Dorr St.

Old West End Fashions             2502 Collingwood Blvd.

Our Time                                   2100 Dorr St.

Padua                                       Nebraska/Junction

Parqwood Apts.                        2200 Parkwood Ave.

Peacock Café                           2007 Monroe St.

Phillips Temple                          565 Palmwood Ave.

Quality Bar                                1424 Cherry St.

Revol                                        Central & Cherry

Rocket Carryout                        2603 Dorr St.

Salon Mystique                         1238 Dorr St.

Scott Park District Station         2301 Nebraska Ave.

Seaway Market                          1707 Cherry St.

Source                                      2412 Monroe St.

Southern Missionary Baptist      1222 Indiana Ave.

88         St. Martin de Porres                  1119 W. Bancroft St.

St. Paul AME                            954 Belmont Ave.

St. Vincents Medical                  2213 Cherry St.

State Farm Insurance                 712 Sherman St.

Star Beauty                               12 E. Bancroft St.

Stewart Elementary                    707 Avondale

Taper’s Barber                           Dorr St.

Toledo Museum of Art               2445 Monroe St.

Tom’s Carryout                          2861 Lagrange St.

UMADOP                                  2447 Nebraska Ave.

Unison                                      544 E. Woodruff

United   Church of God in Christ 624 Junction Ave.

Trudy’s Fashions                       12 E. Bancroft St.

University Carryout                    1852 W. Bancroft St.

Uptown Market                          1602 Cherry St.

Warren AME                              915 Collingwood Blvd.

Woodruff Village                       125 E Woodruff

Your Community Market            1501 Nebraska Ave.

5/3 Bank                                   3053 Monroe St.

101 Club                                   101 E. Bancroft




Asian Delivery                           5829 Lewis Ave.

Asian Grocery                           1801 N. McCord Rd.

Auto Pro                                   3391 Lagrange

Beer Dock                                932 N. Huron St.

Birmingham Library                    203 Paine Ave.

Blessed Blossoms                    3365 Lagrange Ave.

Caldwell Center                         3201 Stickney Ave.

Citgo                                        1708 E. Manhattan Blvd.

Dairy Mart                                 3380 Lagrange Ave.

Deanos Mini-mart                      11 N. McCord Rd.

Demi Mart                                 1017 N. Summit St.

Eastern Star Baptist Church       2102 Mulberry St.

Ebony World Productions          3102 Mulberry St.

Family Dentist                           7298 Jackman

Gold Star Carry-out                   2123 Lagrange St.

Great Clips                                4038 Talmadge Rd.

Hank’s Barbershop                    5938 Secor Rd.

Harold’s Jewelry                        4211 Jackman Rd.

Hausman Laundry                      2743 Lagrange  Ave.

Jalapeno’s Bar                          519 N. Reynolds Rd.

James Pharmacy                       623 Lagrange Ave.

Jerk Hut                                    3117 Lagrange

Joseph Beverage Center            4129 Talmadge Rd.

Key Bank                                  3360 Stickney Ave.

Lagrange Development Center   3106 Lagrange St.

Lions Den Bar & Grill                 2814 Lagrange St.

Little Caesars                            3145 Lagrange St.

Manhattan Beauty Supply          535 E. Manhattan

Manhattan Liquor Agency          549 E. Manhattan

McDonalds                               567 E. Manhattan

Mickey Finns                             602 Lagrange St.

Mike’s Carryout                         408 Cleveland St.

Nabil’s Lott Station                    1027 N. Reynolds Rd.

Ohio Theatre                             3114 Lagrange St.

O- Zone Bar                              1701 Lagrange St.

Peck Market

Petes Market                             3449 Stickney

Rent-a- Center                           551 E. Manhattan Blvd.

Rent-a- Center                           551 E. Manhattan Blvd.

Simply Fashions                       547 E. Manhattan Blvd.

Stanley Market                          3302 Stickney Ave.

Toledo Board of Education        420 E. Manhattan Blvd.

Tom’s Carryout                          2861 Lagrange St.

Women’s Blessing Center          223 Page St.

Zoblocki Senior Center              3028 Lagrange St.

5/3 Bank                                   3151 Lagrange St.

6/12 Carryout                            3431 Elm St.

7-11                                          2601 W. Bancroft




Adelante Inc.                             520 Broadway St.

African World Movies                5235 Hill Ave.

Alpha Nails                               855 S. Holland-Sylvania Rd.

Angola Carryout

Area Office on Aging                 2155 Arlington Ave.

Army HQ                                   522 Reynolds Rd.

Asian Foodmart                        538 Reynolds Rd.

Aurora Gonzalez Center             1949 Broadway

Buckeye Cable                          5566Southwyck Blvd

Carryout                                    South & Trail

Byrne Barbers

Byrne Beauty Supply

Byrne Citgo

Byrne Cleaners

Byrne Family Dentist

Consumer Credit Counsel          457 S. Reynolds Rd.

Cross Community Center           Reynolds

Crosstown Salon                       855 S. Holland- Sylvania Rd.

Dia Spa                                    1007 S. McCord Rd.

Doves Manor                            1040 Airport Hwy.

Dudley’s Diner                          415 S. Reynolds Rd.

EDM Health Services                 30 S. Byrne Rd.

Faith, Hope, Love Church          1824 Reynolds Rd.

Federation of Teachers              111 Byrne Rd.

Flower Drum                             49 S. Byrne Rd.

Friendship Baptist                     5301 Nebraska Ave.

Genesis Dreamplex                   2429 Reynolds Rd.

Grand Illusions                          1000 S. Reynolds Rd.

Hair World                                 1848 Reynolds Rd.

Holland Carryout                       6901 Angola Rd.

Holland Library                          1032 S. McCord Rd.

Hook Up                                   1122 Byrne Rd.

Jalapeno’s Bar                          519 N. Reynolds Rd.

Jalapeno’s Bar                          519 N. Reynolds Rd.

King – Queens Salon                 16 Hillwyck Dr.

Korean Food                             1202 N. Reynolds Rd.

Latrina’s                                    5233 Hill Ave.

All Wash Laundromat                 1504 Broadway

LMHA                                       211 S. Byrne Rd.

Major Kleen                               4044 Airport Hwy.

Marathon Laundry                      5125 Hill Ave.

Medical University of Ohio         3000 Arlington Ave.

Middle East Market                   2222 Reynolds Rd.

Moe’s In & Out                          4401 Hill Ave.

Needle Masters                         527 S. Reynolds Rd.

Padrones                                  855 S. Holland Sylvania Rd.

Page Plus                                 509 S. Reynolds Rd.

Pride Cleaners                           6811 Spring Valley Dr.

Reality Hair & Nails                    1820 Reynolds Rd.

Reynolds Cafe

Reynolds Corner Library            4833 Dorr St.

Reynolds Mini-mart

Reynolds Laundry                     521 S. Reynolds Rd.

Rite- Aid                                   114 Byrne Rd.

Rite-Aid                                    2450 S. Reynolds Rd.

Sav-a-lot                                   1703 Airport Hwy.

Senior Center                            South

Serenity Clothes                        533 S. Reynolds Rd.

Sheer Innovations                      4212 Airport Hwy.

Short Stop                                515 S. Reynolds Rd.

Saigon Bistro                            4102 Airport Hwy

Six Pack Bar                             710 S. Reynolds Rd.

South Library                            1736 Broadway

St. Georges Manor                    3716 Hill Ave.

Southside Community Health     732 South Ave.

Star Beauty                               48 S. Byrne Rd.

Stop-n-Go                                 1223 N. Byrne Rd.

Stranahan                                 4645 Heatherdowns

Tahyahs Dance                         4216 Airport Hwy.

Timberlake Church                     1007 S. McCord Rd.

Toledo Academy of Beauty       Glenbyrne Center

Toledo Academy of Learning     3001 Hill Ave.

Toledo Federation of Teachers   111 S. Byrne Rd.

Toledo House of Prayer             725 Byrne Rd.

University Medical Library          3000 Arlington Ave.

Vito’s Pizza                               315 S. Detroit Ave.

Wise Dollar                               539 S. Reynolds Rd.

YMCA                                       Anthony Wayne Trail

2Toots Restaurant                     2336 S. Reynolds Rd.



Clippers Barber Shop                5135 S. Main St.

Crossword Community Church   4212 Onondaga Ave.

East Side Family                       East

East Side Medical                     East

LaMexicana                               764 Oak St.

Locke Library                            806 Main St.

Owens Tech                              30335 Oregon Rd.

Sav-a-lot                                   702 Woodville Rd.

True Vine Church                       739 Russel St.

Woodville Mall                          3725 Williston Rd.




A Woman’s Answer                   4895 Monroe St.

All Care Dental                          4038 Talmadge Rd.

Bailey’s Beverage Center           4040 Monroe St.

Beaners Gourmet Coffee           3160 Markway

Beauty Bar                                2919 Central Ave.

Bethleham Baptist                     1430 W. Bancroft St.

Bier Stube                                 5333 Monroe St.

Big Mommas                            2101 Dorr St.

Biomat USA Plasma Center       3217 Dorr St.

Boutique Hair Salon                   5310 Dorr St.

BP 3306 Dorr St.

Brewed Awakenings                  2636 W. Central Ave.

Central Library                           3030 W. Central Ave.

Central Market                           330 W. Central Ave.

China Express                           3550 Secor Rd.

China House                             3425 Dorr St.

Chinese Favorites                      4939 Dorr St.

City Diner                                  4202 Monroe St.

Cricket West Coffee                  Central

D & M Shop                              5210 Renwyck Dr.

Daddy-O’s Pub                         4044 Monroe St.

Deli Express                             5335 Dorr St.

Dental Image LLC                      2828 W. Central Ave.

Dorr St. Diner                            5243 Dorr St.

El Camino Real                         2500 W. Sylvania Ave.

Essence Hair & Nails                 5210 Renwyck Dr.

Exquisite Salon of Style            5353 Dorr St.

Express Yourself Beauty           3414 Dorr St.

Family Baptist                           1002 W. Bancroft St.

Family Dentist                           7298 Jackman

Famous Dave’s BBQ                 4757 Monroe St.

First Antioch Baptist Church       3201 Dorr St.

Food for Less                           352 W. Central Ave.

Fosters Barber                          1645 W. Bancroft St.

Golden Razor                            3205 W. Central Ave.

Hamway’s on the Main               5577 Monroe St.

Hank’s Barbershop                    5938 Secor Rd.

Harold’s Jewelry                        4211 Jackman Rd.

Hasty’s Gas                              4738 Dorr St.

IPOH                                        3527 Dorr St.

Jack’s Menswear                       3414 Dorr St.

Jan’s Hair                                  5038 Dorr St.

Joseph Beverage Center            4129 Talmadge Rd.

Kevin Haden Salon                    4476 Monroe St.

Maxwell                                    2661 W. Bancroft St.

Monroe Pharmacy                     4122 Monroe St.

Monroe St. Diner                       4514 Monroe St.

Nabil’s Quick Stop                    5409 Dorr St.

One Hour Cleaners                    3205 W. Central Ave.

Optical Arts                               2934 W. Central Ave.

Optical Shop                             3205 W. Central Ave.

Pocopiatti                                 5333 Monroe St.

Popeyes                                   3214 Secor Rd.

Promises Salon                         3205 W. Cental Ave.

Ralphie’s                                   5702 Monroe St.

Reynolds Corner Library            4833 Dorr St.

Rite-Aid                                    5390 Monroe St.

Rose Tai                                   5333 Monroe St.

Rubys Kitchen                           4933 Dorr St.

Rudys Hotdog                          4748 Monroe St.

RRT Images                              6423 Monroe St.

Ryan’s Pharmacy                      3340 Dorr St.

Sally’s Beauty Supply                5333 Monroe St.

Sanger Branch Library               2919 Central Ave.

Schorlings Grocery                    3115 Bancroft ST.

Shorties                                    5111 Monroe St.

Smoke Shack                           5235 Dorr St.

Strater Cleaners                         3550 Secor Rd.

Sylvania Library                         6748 Monroe St.

Timberlake Church                     1007 S. McCord Rd.

Toledo Meat Market                   3410 Dorr St.

University Barber                       3055 W. Bancroft St.

University Cleaners                    3121 Bancroft St.

University of Toledo                  2801 Bancroft St.

7-11                                          2601 W. Bancroft